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Old Doms CC vs Bharat Parivar CC

Sunday 3rd September 2017 home 1.30 pm         

Home Ground

Bromsgrove CC
St Godswald Road
Aston Fields
Bromsgrove B60 3BN

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vs Old Griffs CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Old Griffs CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 14th July 2016          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin T   14 Bowled   1                  
  2 Smith B W 4 Bowled                 1    
3 Hodgson J   42 Caught 2 4              
  4 Mathews J   70 Not Out   11                  
  5 Wright D   0 Caught                      
  6 Morris S   0 Caught     4   23            
7 Martin S C 39 Not Out 1 3 4   51        
  8 Manoj           2   16            
  9 Downing T           4   30            
10 Last A           4   33 1  
11 Moore D         2   16 1  
      Extras 10 (4B 0LB 3W 2NB)                    
          180-5 in 19.5  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 14 47 80 86 93            
            Batsman 2 1 3 5 6            
 Old Griffs CC  176-2  in 20 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 5wks      

Well that was unexpected! Not sure if it was skipper Martins pre game 'love' talk to the team that produced this win. Lets set the scene...

A sort of typical dull summers evening where some of the less hardly had pulled on a jumper or two for this 20/20 slog down at the Hedges ground. The visitors were the Old Griffs, lots of new faces in their 11 and the Doms fielding 11 for a change. The wicket looked a good one so plenty of runs were expected. Martin won the toss, well Wobbler the Griffs skipper called wrong and were asked to bat first.

The Doms bowling attack contained no players capable of sending anything down faster than 50mph and some would struggle to get near that. Last and Morris opened the attack, possibly few teams could muster an opening 20/20 attacked with a combined age of well over 100! But they tied down the openers with only 3 off the first 2 overs and in the third Last beat the advancing Saquib who took a few shots at the advancing ball and was bowled leg stump. Griffs 1-11 off 3.

Last's 3rd over went for 444441 as Jar opened up and replied on all parts of his bat to get the ball to the boundary. After 8 overs Last 1-33 and Morris 0-23 had kept an hold on the run rate at 1-58.

Downing and Martin took over and opener Jar and Ngim kept the runs flowing and pushing the run rate along at a nice pace. After 10 overs the visitors were 76-1

The second half of the Griffs innings saw them accelerate to over 10 an over and Martin got some tap finishing his spell of 4 overs for 0-56 and young Downing a creditable 0-30.

Manoj and Moore were given the death overs to bowl and did a good job. Jar the opener reached a very good, but not chanceless 100  before he was neatly stumped by Ben Smith off Moore. That was the only other wicket to fall as Ngim 50no and Wobbler 7no took the Griffs to 176-2 at the end of their 20 overs with the bat.

So 177 to win, gettable but the Doms batting line up looked a bit susceptible to a collapse. Now where the Doms attack lacked pace the Griffs was all pace and the openers extracted both pace and bounce.

Ben Smith was first to go being bowled by Stephenson for 4 with the score on 14 in the third over. This brought in Hodgy, still looking a bit rusty. Next to depart was Dolly for 14, bowled by Stephenson 2-47 in 6th over.

Although Hodgy looked a tad out of touch he still had enough power and skill to hit a 28 ball 42 before chasing a wide one from Naim and was smartly caught behind. 3-80 in 10th over.

Well then followed a mini Doms collapse with both Stato and Dave Wright both being caught behind, Stato for 1 and Wright for 0. 93-5 in the 11th.

It was all over bar the shouting as the Griff sensed a big win and the fielding placements became more aggressive.

What they and most of the watching Doms player didn't realise that Jake Mathews was going to stroke the ball around at one end and skipper Martin was going to long handle the ball all over the park. Eagerly scampered 2's and 3's together with loads of boundaries saw the Doms needing 23 off the last 12 balls.

The visitors aggressive fielding positions were now a ring of desperation encircling the boundary. 14 runs came off the 19th over. The 20th over went 2+3.24 to see the Doms home with a ball to spare and record a 5wk win. A great well paced batting performance by the Doms against a dumb struck Griffs team. It was a great game of cricket, played as it should be. Cricket was the winner. Credit must also go to the Doms talent scout Banners who has found 3 more young cricket gems from the Boars squads to follow in the footsteps of Pedders and Dc to name a few who have gone on the progress their cricket standards after games with the Doms.

Always expect the unexpected in cricket...

Man of the Match: Jacob Mathews, top batting

Drops: 3. Morris, Smith and Dolly - 1 each

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