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Old Doms CC vs Belbroughton CC

Sunday 4th September 2016 away 1pm         

Home Ground

Bromsgrove CC
St Godswald Road
Aston Fields
Bromsgrove B60 3BN

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vs TPR Titans CC

      Old Doms CC vs TPR Titans CC CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 19th May 2016          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Smaylen M   21 caught   2                  
  2 Hickin T   31 caught   5                  
3 Humphries G   6 caught                  
  4 Perry A   10 Not out                      
  5 Moore S   6 Not out   1 2   11 3 1        
  6 Martin S           4   25 2 2        
7 Morris S           2   8        
  8 Clarke J           4   8 3 1        
  9 Ladha K           4   19 1          
10 Moore D           4   24    
11 Last A W/C                 1
      Extras 24 (10B 4LB 10W 0NB)                    
        98 -3   in 20   overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 62 69 87                
 TRP Titans CC   98 a/o in 20 overs
      Match: Old Doms drew with TPR Titans CC      

Another chilly damp cricket evening for the first home 20/20 slog of the season where the visitors would be TPR Titans CC. The Doms seems be be developing two different teams one for Sundays and one for mid week. Shame there was no support for last nights game which surprising turned out to be a bit of an unnecessary cliff hanger which went down to the last ball.

The visitors had recruited a few Coftonians since we last played them so it looked a much stronger Titans team. The visiting skipper called wrong and were asked to bat.

Clarke and Kman provided the opening burst and keen fielding support combined to keep runs at a premium. Clarke was first to strike in his second over where Reshi was caught by Mr Safe Hands Martin and the visitors were 6-1 after 3 overs. The same bowler struck again in his next over trapping the dangerous Dave for 5. The umpiring considered his decision for what  seemed like hours. 16-2 off 5 became 24-3 in the 7th over when Last took a sharp catch and stumping to remove Sean for 3. Clarke finishing an impressive spell of 8-3.

Whilst this was going on at the other end Kman kept plugging away and was rewarded in his 4th over by bowling Sam for a duck. Titans after 8 overs were struggling on 27-4. A very good first block of bowling and fielding.

Steve Martin and Dave Moore we paired up to take the Doms through to the death overs. Opener Shouls and Max started to push the score along with some rustic shots. Dave Moore finished his spell 24-0 and Martin picking up a couple with a 25-2 haul. So with 16 overs completed the Titans were 75-6.

Then the dangerous Shoul was run out by a direct throw from Clarke for a tidy 34 runs. Stato and Sammy Moore took the final 4 overs and restricted the visitors to an all out 98. Sammy picking up three wickets 11-3 and Stato a meager 8 runs off his 12 balls.

A really great first half, the fielding and bowling were top drawer and its a credit to the whole 11 players bowling out a side in a 20/20 match for less than 100 runs.

So 99 to win, should be easy needing only 5 an over. So the skipper thought. Smaylen and Dolly opened and kept to the 5 an over required for the first 12 overs. Now I'm not sure if they considered trying to get ahead of the run rate at any time during the 12 overs they were together but when Smaylen was first out for a 31 ball 20 in the 12th over with the Doms on 62-1 only 39 runs were needed in 8 overs for a Doms win.

Sadly Dolly got out at the wrong time when he was looking good and starting to hit the ball around. He was caught for 30 off 38 leaving the Doms on 71-2 off 14. So 29 runs for victory off 36 balls.

Pickles and Andy Perry tried as they might found it hard to get the ball away. Maybe trying to hit the ball to far and to hard when the field was set deep when a bit of tip and run was called for. Pickles was next to be out, caught slogging for 6 in 19th over. 3-91, 8 needed off 6 balls, how did it get down to this !

But hey Sammy Moore punched the first ball of the final over for 4. 4 off 5. Three dot balls as Sammy found the fielders. One run off the penultimate ball. So the Doms were down to one ball, 2 runs needed to save the match a salvage a draw and Perry facing. The bowler sped in with a cluster of fielders around Perry. He gets bat on ball, Sammy Moore with a pulled hamstring limps at speed uphill, shouts from the pavilion to go for the second. The fielder picks up the ball and rather than throwing it in races to the stumps giving hopalong Moore and Perry the time to run the second that secured the draw.

Palpable relief in the home dressing room, disappointment from the visitors. The Doms had pulled off an unlikely draw when a large margin victory was the odds on favorite. Who the hell said cricket was the winner ?

The visitors melted away leaving the runt of the Doms eleven to mull over the scorebook and sip a pint. Much shaking of heads.

Man of the Match: Jonny Clarke for an excellent bowling spell and sharpness in the field.

Drops: non recorded.


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