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vs Sporting Alfaz 2nd XI CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Sporting Alfaz 2nd XI CC        
            Played at Woodbridge Oval Albir Spain on 7th Aug 16          
    Name   Score How OutCaught 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Brown M   0 Bowled                      
  2 Davideg M wk 2 Bowled     4 1 10 1          
3 Adams C wk 72 Bowled   9 4 1 12       1
  4 Hunt M   0 Bowled     3   13            
  5 Smaylen M   4 LBW     3   17   1        
  6 Wood K   3 Bowled     4   8 2          
7 Rich A   7 Bowled     4 1 16 1      
  8 Brookes D   8 Bowled     5   10 2 1        
  9 Adams J   0 Bowled     4   15            
10 Ladha K   5 Not Out     4   15 2  
11 Last A   8 Not Out 1 6   24 1  
  12 Anstey J C                          
      Extras 39 (18B 0LB 15W 6NB)                    
          148-9   in 39.4  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 6 18 37 66 85 119 125 125 136    
            Batsman 1 2 4 5 6 7 3 9 8    
 Sporting Alfaz 2nd XI CC   146-9 in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 1wk      

A weary Doms squad rolled up at the Woodbridge Oval to take on a Sporting Alfaz 2nd eleven. After yesterdays mauling it was time to make amends and win the final match of the 2016 tour. Again as always it was a scorcher, not a cloud in sight just blue stuff and a constant feeling that someone had found the electric fire needed turning up to high !

The hosts would bat in this 40 over match and Hunt and Con Adams would bowl the first few overs. They kept a firm hand on the run rate supported by some energetic fielding. Con Adams bowling his first overs of the tour which included a maiden. The first wicket of the day belonged to Wood who had opener Byrne caught by Smaylen for 10 and the hosts were 29-1 in 7th over.

Wood picked up a second in the 13th over bowling Perman for 25. 52-2. Wood was rested after 4 tight overs. The hosts were never allowed to get away and two further wickets were taken, Ladha had Fletcher and Marriner well caught by Brookes and Davidge. The Doms were now on top as the Alfaz boys were 78-4 in 20 overs.

In the 23rd over the Doms two keepers combined to dismiss the dangerous Wadjit as a top turning Davidge ball beats the bat and Adams whips the bails off. Well it was more a brutal scattering of all the stumps rather than the finesse of clipping off a bail.

Other than Ashraf who scored a sensible 25no the hosts innings was never allowed to get started and when the 40th over ended they had mustered only 146 for the loss of 9wks. A really good bowling performance which included first overseas wickets for Danny Brookes, although one was a child who had heard that Brookes never bowls at the wicket shouldered arms and somehow a ball from Brookes shaved the bail which fell the the ground.

The fielding was keen, which was a surprise given a week of alcoholic debauchery and lack of sleep. However there were still 7 catches put down. I suspect players still had residual sun cream on their hands. We really must stop Jonners using that cheap suncream..

Tea was taken.

Surely the Doms could chase down 147 to win with overs to spare? Well they did but only just. The score card wont really tell you the story, but here is is..

The scorecard shows a catalog of scores below double figures and to the casual observer you would have thought that only one batsman, Con Adams deserved any credit for the Doms win. Well how wrong they would be. The Doms faced the best bowling attacked faced over the three tour matches, fast and accurate supported by naggingly accurate slower bowlers.

Barlow was first to go, smacking an Hamza delivery like an Exocet missile inches above the grass only to see the bowler stick out a hand and the ball stuck in it. 6-1 in the 2 over as Barlow trudged off for a duck..

Davidge never looked at home on the concrete and was next to go in the 7th over with only 18 team runs scored. It took Adams 12 balls to get started against some very good bowling. Meanwhile Hunt had been promoted to add some muscle to the upper order. Looking at his innings of 18 balls he hardly got a ball off the track, loads of soft hands before he was bowled for 0. 37-3 in 12th over.

Smaylen came in and faced 25 balls, and great innings for only 4 runs before he decided to lay prostate in front of the wicket trying to sweep. 66-4 in the 22nd over. Alex Rich came in at the fall of Wood and played another great innings for 30 ball 7. The Doms 119-7 in 34th over.

Meanwhile Con Adams was wining the match at the other end. This was not a great innings of belting the ball around, this was a studious well constructed innings. The first 50 balls he faced only accrued 16 runs, two of those boundaries. Although the 6 batsmen who were out had only score 16 runs between them they had faced 103 balls allowing Adams to slowly get use to the bowling and allowed him to build an innings which put him in the form to hit bad ball for boundaries.

Sadly and inexplicitly he got himself bowled for 72 off 83 balls at the wrong time of the match with the score on 125-7 in 34 over. A great innings of a maturity well above his age, he deserved to have seen the match through to a win.

So with the Doms needing 22 off 36 balls and all the proper batsmen back in the pavilion the hosts were smelling a victory.

Jason Adams came and went for 0, Bookes belted a flamboyant 8 before being bowled. 9 needed off 14 balls. Ladha and Last at the crease. Roper to Last, 2 dot balls.

12 balls to get 8 runs, could tail enders get them? Ashraf bowls 4 balls to Ladha without conceding. Ladha gets bat somewhere near the 5th ball and they run a single. 7 off 7 need.

Ashraf steamed in to Last, Ashraf releases the ball that zipped off the wicket and heads for off stump, no ramp, leg scoop or reverse sweeps (they had already been utilised in the previous matches) Last, head still, eyes focused on the ball strokes the ball legside which fly's through the air and falls a few feet from being a 6. A 4 scored, the pavilion goes wild!

3 needed off 6 balls. Ladha misses the first ball but manages to drop a bat on the next and the pair scamper for 1 run. 2 off 4. Roper in, Last crashes the ball past point and with Last at full sprint (artistic licence obvs) dives full length and makes the crease for the second run. The scores are level. The next ball Last casually clips the ball off his hips and an easy run is collected to win the match with two balls to spare.

What a great match, players from both side were exhausted. Its was a great match to play in, so many of the Doms batted well without scores but gave the only class batsman on show the chance to construct a match winning innings.

Both team enjoyed a pint or two after the game and the Doms players had really turned it around after the previous days performance. A great game of cricket.

Man of the Match: I don't think Con Adams will begrudge this but the MoM award goes to the whole team. This was a real team effort.

Drops (some say who cares after a match like this but...) Wood 3, Brookes 2, Barlow 1, Jonners 1 Ladha 1



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