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Old Doms CC vs Belbroughton CC

Sunday 4th September 2016 away 1pm         

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vs Peopleton CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Peopleton CC        
            Played at Peopleton on  20th July 2016          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Morris S   7 Bowled   1 2 22 1            
  2 Martin S   1 Caught             1        
3 McNiece   24 Caught 3 1 4   33        
  4 Banaham M   26 Bowled 2 2 4   31 1          
  5 Adams C W 2 Caught               1 1    
  6 Smaylen M   22 Bowled   4                  
7 Wright D   2 Caught                  
  8 Clarke J   4 Bowled   1 1   12            
  9 Brookes D   19 Not Out   4 4   26            
10 Last A C 5 LBW   1 3.3   27 1  
11 Hickin J   1 Not Out            
      Extras 47 (21B 2LB 23W 0WB)                    
          160-9   in 20  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 8 12 48 56 69 96 114 125 154    
            Batsman 2 1 3 5 7 4 8 6 10    
 Peopleton CC 163-3   in 18.3 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 7wks      

It was the Doms first visit to the home of Peopleton CC down in deepest Worcestershire..a glorious evening for a bunch of lads to thrash the ball around for 40 overs or so. The Peopleton cricket boys have a tidy cricket ground, flat with some wide expanses on one side but the other three sides short and tempting. It even has cows, not quite in Cow Corner but close enough to mention. Its looks a ground where 200 runs is a realistic target in a 20/20 slog.

The inaugural match between the Doms and Peopleton was a few weeks previous where in a low scoring match the Doms managed to defend 115. Tonight's encounter was revenge for the hosts.

There was a last minute struggle to get an eleven players, some weeks the Doms are falling over themselves with people wanting to play other times its like pulling teeth. Dave Wright's first appearance for a couple of seasons and Chickin, against all sane medical advice put his slippers on and turned out for a cameo appearance.

The toss was won by the Doms who decided to bat. With Morris and Martin looking to get the visitors off to a flyer against the hosts opening bowlers Thirlby and Smith. 8 came off the first over but then the wickets of Martin and Morris in the second and third overs saw the start of the Doms struggle to dominate the bowlers. Only 21 runs off the first six overs amplified the problems the Doms were having to register a defendable total.

McNiece and Banners pushed the score on with some hefty blows before the former was caught by the juggling fielder at mid off for 24. 48-3 off 8 overs. Banners looked like a batsman who had yet to master the art of batting. He made 26 runs before he was again bowled by a straight ball, he always looked uncomfortable and never really dominated. Confidence is a funny old thing, I'm sure Banners will be back to his fluid batting master classes again soon. 

The only other batsmen to score any runs were Smaylen and Danny Brookes, both hitting any loose balls to the boundary. The only classic shot to be seen during the evenings play was a well executed reverse sweep for 4 runs by one of the tailenders.

The Doms had somehow amassed 160 runs which always looked 20 or 30 runs short.

So with a quick turnaround Banners and McNeice were trundling in, without much luck tbh. Banners collected the wicket of Seconde for 8 in the 5th over with the score already on 40 with a neat catch by keeper Adams.

The night was drawing in and picking up the ball in the field was becoming increasing difficult, maybe a white/orange/pink ball would help solve that problem? Morris came on for a couple of overs picking up the dangerous Blathwood-Hindmarsh for 48. 72-2 off nine.

Danny Brookes looked the most dangerous bowler but went unrewarded. The only other wicket to fall was a cracking stumping off Last's flighted delivery to dismiss Harrison. With the sun now a distance memory and the Doms fumbling around in the dark the hosts pushed on and reached the 161 needed to win the match with 9 balls remaining.

The Doms did well to drag the match so near to a final over decider but in the round the Peopleton boys bowled and batted better than the Doms and deserved the win. A nice bunch of lads and nice ground to visit, the Doms look forward to next season to a trip to darkest Worcester.

Man of the Match: Danny Brookes. Well crafted 19no and a good unrewarded 4 overs.

Drops: Adams and Chick one each.

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