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Old Doms CC vs Belbroughton CC

Sunday 4th September 2016 away 1pm         

Home Ground

Bromsgrove CC
St Godswald Road
Aston Fields
Bromsgrove B60 3BN

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Cake and pigs in blankets win the day vs Bromsgrove


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vs Leamington Lemmings CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Leamington Lemmings CCCC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on1st May 2016          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Adams C wk 48 Bowled   10           1 1    
  2 Clarke J   2 Run out                      
3 Hodgson J   113 Not Out 4 18 5   33        
  4 Banham M   16 Not Out   2 8 2 23            
  5 Hickin T                            
  6 Smaylen M                            
7 Srini           8 1 30        
  8 Adie K           4   16 1 1        
  9 Hunt C           2   15 1          
10 Last A           7 1 41 2  
11 Perry T C       6   30    
      Extras 30 (2B 4LB 21W 3NB)                    
        209 -2   in 29.3  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 7 154                  
            Batsman 2 1                  
 Leamington Lemmings CC   208-6 in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms      

Another day when cricket wasn't quite the thing to be playing outside. Grey and cold with the constant threat of rain hanging in the air. Today's game was against Leamington Lemmings and to be played on the 1st wicket so the warmth of the club house was a joy to those not fielding or batting.

The visitors called wrong and the Doms would bowl. Srini and Banners to use the new ball which over the course of the game became wetter and softer than a lump of soap. Both bowlers bowled well with no joy, Srini having three catches dropped behind the stumps, Adams a regulation catch and Last who floored two difficult slip chances which lesser players would have not got a hand on. After 10 overs the opening pair of Trew and Truslove had amassed a mere 23 runs. They both struggled to get the ball away against tight bowling and keen fielding.

Srini was rested after 6 overs for 12 runs and Bannners bowled out his 8 for just 23 with 10 of those coming off his final over, a great spell of bowling. Hodgy and Tank took over and at drinks the score had moved on to 83-0.

The first wicket to fall was Tew who was run out after a good throw by Aide. The Doms had finally got a wicket. Leamington  117-1 in 26th over. Hodgy rested after a few overs and was replaced by Last. With overs running out Truslove was persuaded to try and knock Last's bowling out of the ground, he advanced and was beaten between bat and pad leaving Adams an easy stumping. 144-2 which became 144-3 4 balls later as Adie took a sharp catch off Last to dismiss Jay for 0.

Adie and Colin Hunt bowled the latter overs picking up a wicket each and the visitors innings ended on 208-6. Possibly about 50 short of a par score which was down to the tight bowling and fielding.

Tea was taken, a jolly Doms tea. Top class egg sarnies and Last's special cheese ones. Mature cheddar on a bed of sweet chilli jelly garnished with French Breakfast Radish, picked that morning. Srini's veg pakoras and dips were gobbled up. What a shame those on cakes the other stuff couldn't be bothered to make them. Oh and Chicks idea of putting the tea bags into the water boiling urn to make the tea would have reminded Jonners of those heading Psych hospital days...

So the Doms needed 209 to win in weather that was a tad more miserable than the first half. Clarke and Adams opened only for Clarke to be run out when a run out was never an option ! A bad start 7-1 off 3 overs. But fear not, the inform Adams was joined by Hodgy who was out paced by Adams for a while. Both were in the early 30's when Hodgy pressed the accelerator and powered away reaching a 47 ball 50. The 100 partnership came and went and at drinks the Doms were coasting at 144-1.

Three overs later Adams who had scratched around in the 40's somehow got himself bowled when he never looked like getting out. He trudged off for a well constructed 48 which included a 'nod' to the absent Davidge by facing 52 dot balls.

164-2 off 24 overs saw Banners join Hodgy and the pair quickly knocked off the remaining runs, Hodgy hitting an 82 ball 113no and Banners a 20 ball 16no giving the Doms an 8 wk win with 10.2 overs left. A crushing early season win.

A great overall team performance with some cracking bowling and two top batting innings.

Man of the Match. Hodgy, 113no albeit it spoilt by some questionable fielding.

Dropped Catches: Adams -1 Last -2 Hodgy -1


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