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Old Doms CC vs Belbroughton CC

Sunday 4th September 2016 away 1pm         

Home Ground

Bromsgrove CC
St Godswald Road
Aston Fields
Bromsgrove B60 3BN

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Cake and pigs in blankets win the day vs Bromsgrove


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vs Coftonians CC

      Old Doms CC vs Coftonians  CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 10th July 2016          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Davidge M W 21 Bowled   2           1 1    
  2 Morris S   17 Caught 1   8 1 34 4          
3 Hodgson J   101 Caught 1 18 1   9        
  4 Brookes M   4 Caught     1   6 1 1        
  5 Smaylen M   13 Bowled   1         1        
  6 Adams J   1 Bowled             1        
7 Devenney J   11 Stumped   2              
  8 Adie K   0 Bowled     8   47            
  9 Brookes D   0 Bowled     8   57 1 1        
10 Hunt C   0 Bowled     8 1 38 1  
11 Last A C 0 Not Out   6   21 1  
      Extras 30 (12B 3LB 12W 3NB)                    
        198 a/o   in  39.1 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 47 59 80 135 143 197 197 198 198 198  
            Batsman 2 1 4 5 6 3 7 9 10 8  
Coftonians  CC   233-8  in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 35 runs      

Well what a disappointing result, full of promise against a good Coftonians side but the Doms capitulated big time with 5 wickets going down for 1 run when only 34 were needed to avoid  recording only the second defeat of the season.

Banners pulled out on the eve of the game leaving @AbiMaud cake plans in tatters... But up pops Jacob Devenney to make his debut. The visitors won the toss and decided to bat on a track that would give the bowlers some unpredicted help. Danny Brookes and Adie opened and the Doms young strike bowler struck with his second ball bowling Surpice for a duck. Things were looking up for the Doms.

With Mehmood and Asam at the crease they dug in and started to push the scoring along at a good pace with the first 10 overs costing 50 runs. The hundred came up at an even quicker pace during the 17th over. By this time it was clear that the Doms were going to be facing a big total when it was their turn to bat.

Stato was bowling a tight uphill spell and in his fourth over had Mehmood well caught by Jason Adams just inside the deep long off boundary for 54. The Cofs now 119-2 in 19th. Hunt was bowling downhill and was making the batsmen work for runs. Tight fielding was good to see as the visitors tried to capitalise on their good start.

Hunt was next to strike getting Asam neatly stumped by Davidge. 123-3 in 22 overs. A few runs later Morris got the 2nd of his four when Dan Brookes pulled off another good low catch. The Doms had turned the game around at 131-4 with 16 overs left. Hunt finished a good spell of 35-1 whilst Last replaced Morris.

Sadly for the Doms Zohaib held the Cofs innings together scoring a quick 69 before being c&b by Martin Brookes. Morris who came back on picked up two more wickets as the visitors innings ended on 233-8. A good total by not insurmountable if the Doms played sensibly.

Tea was taken. A useful Doms tea with new boy Devenney's mum cooking a good cake. The first appearance of brie was well received, even by the non Doms players. It was good to see Tank making an appearance with the delightful Clare, apparently Tank said he was unable to play because of 'hamstring' pull. I thought rugby players were hard buggers but there is always the exception I suppose. Can you imaging Tommy in the trench when the order was given to go over the top when fighting in the Somme, "err sorry Sarge I've got a pulled hammy I'm going to have to sit this one out"...

So with the tea out of the way Davidge and Stato opened up. Yes you can guess the Doms perpetual Coftonians bowling nemesis Tom opened. You could see the batsmen go straight into defence mode. Off his first 4 overs just one scoring shot for a single run. Only 26 runs were score off the first 10 overs. Tom finished his 8 over spell of mesmerising bowling for a miserly 19 runs, 9 of those in his final over. Those 9 runs scored by Hodgy who had come in at the fall of the first wicket at 47-1 in 15th over. The Cofs Tom bowls on a length, mostly in the same spot, no turn no bounce, nothing nasty why the fck doesn't someone thrash him out of the park in his first over and make him change how he bowls. That would have scattered the close fielders with the batsmen dictating the game.

So with Stato gone as usual one wicket brings another and another as Davidge 21 and Martin Brookes 4 were back in the changing room and at drinks the Doms were 94-3. 140 needed off twenty which was basically down to Hodgy belting the ball around to catch up with the run rate.

Smaylen and Hodgy then put on a bit of a partnership of 55 runs before Smaylen was bowled by Husain for a supporting 13. 135-4 off 26.

With Hodgy proving how easy it was to get a hundred the Doms chased down the 234 needed off the final 16 overs. With new boy Devenney supporting Hodgy with a couple of fours and some 'photo opportunity' shots the visitors where well into bickering mode amongst themselves as the Doms reached 197-5 with 6 overs to get 37 runs.

Some how Hodgy's one man inning came unstuck with a very fine edge to the keeper for an outstanding 101. 197-5 became 198 all out as the tail capitulated. Its was an awful end to a game that ebbed and flowed. The Doms had thrown away a very good opportunity to continue their fine run of form.

The Doms now move on to a 20/20 game against Old Griffs on Thursday and a tough game against Sportman. The team will need to be on top form to win those two.

Man of the Match: Hodgy for what should have been a match winning innings. Special mention to Stato for his 4 well earned wickets which is and unusual feat.

Dropped catches: 2. Stato-1 Hunt-1 (the "Was it a Drop Committee" reviewed the evidence against Jason Adams and concluded on this occasion his failure to catch the ball within the playing area would not be considered on this occasion as a dropped catch)



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