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Next Match

Old Doms CC vs Ward End CC

Sunday 18th September 2016 away 1pm         

Home Ground

Bromsgrove CC
St Godswald Road
Aston Fields
Bromsgrove B60 3BN

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Top win for the Doms down in Fladbury


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vs Bromsgrove XI

      Old Doms CC vs  Bromsgrove CC XI        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 28th August 2016          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Davidge M   2 Bowled             1        
  2 Adams C W 13 Stumped   2           1 1    
3 Hodgson J   11 Bowled   2              
  4 Smaylen M   8 Caught   1 2   21 1          
  5 Morris S   33 Not Out   4 8   45 1          
  6 Adie K   54 Not Out   10 8   48            
7 Amir                        
  8 Bhanji M           8   52 2          
  9 Perry T           2   14            
10 Hunt M C         4   17   1
11 Last A         8   50 2  
      Extras 9 (3B 1LB 3W 2NB)                    
        130 -4   in  40 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 3 22 37 38              
            Batsman 1 3 2 4              
Bromsgrove CC XI 250-7    in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms held on for a loosing draw..      

Well what a top man Matt Banham is, given less than 24hrs to gather a team to play against the Doms in the last home game of the season after AMS CC failed to get a team together and pulled out of the fixture, but even better than that the GF @abimaud produced a match winner of a cake !

What an inspirational effort and so true to life. It tasted just like a cricket tea cake should taste like. Top caking..

Whilst the Roving Reporter is still orgasmic about 'the' cake Connor Adams has also come up with a cracker of a tea offering, given the choice of 'anything you like' he cast away thoughts of a quiche fest, which to be frank any twat can go and get an  off the shelf mixture of slop on bed of cheap pastry. No, he thought long and hard and came up with chicken legs and wings (Tank please note the size of the wings, we still remember your Jenny Wren wings offering) in different sauces plus a Doms tea first of Pigs in Blankets. Marvelous thinking by such young lad. Other player should note the standards now being set.

Well the tea was the highlight of the afternoon to be honest, the Bromsgrove boys were asked to bat and with clouds gathering it wasn't surprising that the game was held up a few times when the forecasted rain came down. Dwyer and Burrell opened and it wasn't long before Burrell was on his way back for a duck after looking all at sea against Hunt who bowled him.

Marshal joined Dwyer who scratched his way to 10 before the guile of Last produced a sloppy drive which Hunt snaffled up making a difficult chance look easy. Bromsgrove 2-45 in 11 overs.

Dwyer was mostly kept quiet but was steadily accumulating runs. Stratford tried to slog a big score but was undone when he edged a regulation catch to Davidge in first slip off Last for 17.

Dwyers innings building performance came to a cruel end when Mo trapped him in front for 99. 4-146 in 27th over. To be frank if it wasn't for Dwyer's knock the Bromsgrove boys would have been struggling to make any meaningful target.

Big Marshall was next to go for 31 when Smaylen produced a first ball beauty which thudded into the bottom of middle stump. Top Smaylen bowling.

With the overs running out Pedders came in, he slogged and hoiked the ball around before he was stumped for a streaky 55. Banners coming in at the end top edged the last ball for a six in the opposite direction his bat was facing to end on 15no and the Bromsgrove boys 7-250 off their 40.

Given the marvelous tea I'm not sure who was interested in the second half of the cricket, certainly Davidge looked weighed down by cake and pigs in blankets as Blackmore cleaned his stumps up. 1-3 off 2 overs.

Hodgy looked a class act for a few balls until he couldn't be arsed to kick the ball away before it gently rolled onto his stumps. The two quiche boys produced plenty of dot balls, Adams making Banners flighted delivery look good as he charged down to meet it and was stumped. Similarly Smaylen gave Banners another gift of a wicket allowing Burrell to hold onto a catch. 4-38 off14.

It was time for Stato and Adie to close the door, pull the shutters down and bat the death out of the next 26 overs. No matter what the Bromsgrove boys threw at the pair they resisted, even the keeper tried some dirty tactics hurtling the ball into the head of Adie. (Editors note: the wet shirt pictures of Adie were deemed to crass and opportunistic to publish on the website).

Tried as the Bromsgrove lads might they couldn't  break through the stalwart resistance with Adie sneaking past 50 with a few balls to spare. The Doms innings closing on  4-130 with Adie 54no and Stato an average saving 33no.

A well fought out game by both sets of players sadly overshadowed and coming a distant second by mile as the Doms tea was the match winner..

Man of the Match: @abimaud for her Cricket pitch cake and Con Adams meat fest, hoink hoink..

Drops: Stato, Smaylen, Hunt and Mo one each..

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