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Old Doms CC vs Belbroughton CC

Sunday 4th September 2016 away 1pm         

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Bromsgrove B60 3BN

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vs Beaumont CC

      Old Doms CC vs Beaumont  CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 22nd May 016          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Davidge M W 5 Caught                      
  2 Smaylen M   0 Bowled             2        
3 Adams C   19 Bowled   3 4 1 25   1    
  4 Hickin T   1 Caught                      
  5 Martin S   1 Bowled             1        
  6 Brookes M   48 Caught 1 6                  
7 Morris S   17 Caught     8 2 15 2 1    
  8 Adie K   1 Caught     7.2   33 4          
  9 Adams J   11 Not Out   2         2        
10 Brookes D   6 Caught   1 8 4 11 1  
11 Last A C 1 Caught   4   4 1  
      Extras 21 (8B 0LB 13W, 0B)                    
        131 -a/o   in 39.1  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 1 26 26 27 33 94 95 123 124 131  
            Batsman 2 1 3 5 4 7 8 6 10 11  
Beaumont CC  111a/o  in 32.2 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 20 runs      

Sometimes we just go through the matches, some of which we win and some we loose, then comes along a game which underlines why we play cricket and gives you that warm feeling (no not incontinence) as you reflect on the match later in the evening. There was a bit of a struggle getting 11 players and on Friday the game was in doubt but Mark kept plugging away and the Doms got 11 players to turn up to play.

Beaumont were the visitors who have got the better of the Doms for the past few games and it looked like the Doms would be up against it again as the visitors called correctly and put the Doms in to bat in very overcast conditions on a tired dampish wicket.

Davidge back from his Kiwi break opened with Smaylen who had been looking steady batting early in the past few matches. Sadly that look disappeared as his defensive shot missed a wobbly ball which plonked into his stumps. A golden duck, to the third ball of the match. Connor Adams, in form looked good in parts but found the pace of the ball and wicket a test as he and Davidge settled in. And settled they did eeking out a modest 26 runs in 9 overs before Davidge failed to get on top of an awkward ball and smacked the ball to deep backward point for 5. The Doms stuttering on 26-2 off 9.

This started a mini collapse as Dolly and Stevie Martin were done by some accurate bowling as the wicket and overcast atmosphere made batting very difficult. 27-4. With only 6 further runs added Carol Adams heaved and missed to see his middle stump knocked over for 19 runs. The Doms were in the smelly doo doo at 33-5 off a staggering 14 overs.

The turning point of the Doms innings was the well crafted partnership between old timers Martin Brookes and Stato. The pair battled through 17 overs, it was a head down take no risks partnership. At drinks they had taken the score to 50-5 off 20 overs. They battled on pushing the score up to some sort of respectability. Stato was the first to go in the 31st over, caught for a battling 58 ball 17. Doms 95-6.

Adie went for one, 96-7 before Brookes started to open his shoulders cracking some well received boundaries in tandem with Adams the elder. Brookes top innings ended when a heave ho found a fielder for 48 off 61 balls. A great innings which turned out to be the difference between the sides.

The inning ended when Last was out for one leaving Adams the elder not out on 11. So the Doms had posted 131 with just 4 balls being unused. On paper a rubbish 40 over total but given the conditions it looked respectable but Paddy Power had the visitors priced at odds on to win.

As the sun bust through the teams trooped off to tea and caught a few minutes of the next European Champions on TV in the club house. A reasonable tea, the salad lacked imagination and still sadly no home baked cake.

So with a nice dry wicket and not a cloud in the sky the Doms walked out to defend 131 or at best make it difficult for the Beaumont boys not to give the Doms a stuffing.

Last decided that a mix of pace and slow guile would be the way forward. Danny Brookes bowling downhill and Stato lumbering up the slope. Brookes steamed in and openers Krishua and Hall struggled against his pace and accuracy. Another player to struggle with his pace was Davidge behind the stumps. Lifters and grubbers sped past him to the boundary. The first 22 balls from Brookes conceded nothing from the bat but 16 in byes!

The first wicket came in the 6th over when Morris had Hall lbw for 8. The visitors 16-1. Last thought about taking both off after ten overs to bring them back later but given they were troubling the batsmen he decided to bowl them out. This judgment was rewarded as Stato picked up Hodgson for 8 with Steve Martin taking a clean catch followed by Brookes getting opener Krishua well caught by the elder Adams for 8 and Adams pulled off another cracker of a catch to give Stato 3 wickets.

So after 16 overs Beaumont were 47-4. No real panic from the visitors and still the Doms were in a 'lets make it difficult for them ' mode.

Adie replaced Brookes but Last decided to play his joker card and gave Christine Adams the ball. Well this was always going to be the defining period of the match. This pair of bowlers needed to keep a check on the run rate as the visitors would be looking to push on.

Next to strike was Adie who got Rands to give an easy catch to Stato. 64-5 in the 21st over. Adams produced a belter of a first over which had the batsmen 'wondering' a bit as they wouldn't have seen any videos of Adams bowling in their pre match preparations. The pair kept things in check being supported by very keen fielding. Adie struck again in the 23 over have Esp caught by Chris Adams. 85-6.

With 47 runs still needed the visitors were in a bit of a pickle, loads of overs left but wickets left was causing concern. Adams spell of four overs for 25 saw him replaced as Last could smell an unlikely victory. Last uphill with Adie to complete her set down hill.

With Johnson and Jando both hitting the ball hard Last's 3rd ball saw Johnson bladder the ball at Smaylens midriff at short mid off who who held on to a cracking catch. Johnson out for 34 and the Doms were full on for a victory with the Beaumont boys on 100-7 in 26th over.

Adie with the help of Smaylen again had Lisle caught out for a duck, 102-8 in 27th. Last had Hall dropped twice, two sharp chances but it mattered not as Adie picked up her 4th wicket when she bowled Jando for 26 in her final over.

The Doms had won a most unlikely game by a staggering 20 runs in 31st over. Some would say it was inspired captaincy but there was 11 Doms heroes, key points in the match were the 61 run partnership between Brookes and Stato, really tight accurate bowling particularly the opening set of Danny Brookes and Stato yielding only 26 runs off the bat. The middle overs where the batsmen were trying to go hard were held in check by Connor Adams and Adie, the latter taking 4 wks. But the key to the victory was the high tempo fielding and catching in the field, some really cracking catches, 7 in all. Top marks in the field.

Man of the Match: there were some great individual performances but it would be wrong to give this award to just one Doms player. The 11 players won this match therefore each player gets the RR MoM award. 

Drops: 4, no easy ones. Con Adams -2 Davidge-1 Martin Brookes-1

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