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vs Sportsman CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Sportsman CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 19th April 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin J   11 Bowled   2                  
  2 Adie K   27 Bowled   3                  
3 Hodgson J   4 Bowled   1 8 4 22 3      
  4 Collins D W 19 Caught   2                  
  5 Brookes M   14 Caught   3 6.3   37 2          
  6 Adams C   10 Bowled   2           1 3    
7 Perry T   28 Not Out   4 6   31        
  8 Hunt M C 11 Bowled 1   5   23 3          
  9 Brookes D   0 Caught     5 1 20            
10 Hunt C   0 Not Out     8   37 2  
11 Davidge M                  
      Extras 57 (21B 1LB,24W,11NB)                    
          181-8   in 35  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 50 55 86 107 130 135 171 172      
            Batsman 1 3 2 5 4 6 8 7      
 Sportsman CC   180 a/o in 38.3 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 2wks      

After last weeks emotional season opener, we welcomed our old rivals Sportsman CC. With the weather set fair Pedro strode to the middle and tossed his coin, Raj the Sportsman skipper called wrong and the usual site of the Doms fielding first, emerged. Out went Dolly, Lasty, Banham and Srini for early season rests, in came Pedro, Adams, Colin Hunt and Kath Adie. Yes you read correctly, our England international has returned to the fray after a 18 month self imposed calf exile!

The opening partnership of Pedro and Dan Brookes sought to find help from the green tinged April wicket. Brookes, (after shooting up 3 foot over the winter) struggled to control line and length and went unrewarded from his 5 overs. Pedro on the other hand playing his first game of the season managed to find pace and bounce that we haven't seen for seasons. Although we saw smatterings of the old Pedro dishing up four wides through his 5 over spell, he rekindled his wicket taking form of 2010 with 2 excellent stumpings with help from young Adams (taking over from chicken for the day) and a good bowled wicket to boot. It could've been 4/5 wickets but for a sharp dropped chance from Adams standing up to the stumps, but worse a very uncharacteristic dropped catch from Hodgy. Granted the ball did come down with snow on, but the shock that was in his own face when he knew he dropped it was excruciating.

With Brookes and Pedro rested, the skipper turned to Hodgson and Perry, Hodgy picked up from last weeks excellent bowling performance, with another stellar display. Hodgy consistently passed the bat with very little reward, until he found the sticks himself. Unfortunately when Hodgy did find the edge the chance was dropped at second slip by the usually solid DC. All these chances going down would it be costly at the end of the game? Perry toiled up the hill doing the donkeys work while his lungs were burning, but was unfruitful in his efforts through 6 overs. Self admittedly ring rusty and nowhere near his dangerous best. Hodgy bowled out 3-22 his reward for a good afternoons work.

Brookes the elder and Colin took over to continue suppressing the run rate which had fallen from 6 to 4.5 in the spell between Tank and Hodgy. Martin continuing to pick up wickets at a fair pace, struggled with the change of pitch and slope on the hedges ground and went for 24 runs in his first 4 overs. Colin at the other end was steadily going along and picked up 2 very useful wickets including the very dangerous top scoring batsman Sunny. Martin finished the innings with a "miracle ball that cleaned up Nasa's wicket. Colin and Brookes both finishing with 2-37 off 8 and 6.3 overs respectively.

Doms were set 180 to get off their 40 overs, which at one point looked likely to be 240+. Altogether a good fielding performance with just the 4 dropped catches. At the end of the innings tank harmlessly threw the ball to Davidge, Mike jumps up to catch the ball, lands flat footed on the floor and the sniper takes aim and hits his mark once again!

Tea was a solid performance from the Doms, excellent spicy rice but some sad looking salad that was the discussion of the post match drinks.

With the injury to Davidge, the new opening partnership of Chicken and Adie got the Doms off to a solid start with an opening salvo 50 partnership. But as soon as the 50 mark was reached chicken chopped on to his own stumps. 50-1 and Hodgy strode to the crease, the audible groan from the Sportsman team was deafening. A collective PTSD moment from a team recollecting being bashed around the park in 2013 in a huge 173 stand. No sooner had that moment passed but Hodgy was making the long walk back after misjudging the length to the dangerous spinner Danny 55-2. Kath continued to play well after the Doms lost 2 quick wickets and with DC now supporting at the other end moved the score steadily on. Kath also bowled by Danny for a very discernible 27 on her return 86-3. Brookes the elder came in and dashed a quick fire 14, atrocious shot to get out to. 2 men on the leg side, bad short ball and Brookes puts in down the throat of the fine leg fielder, who fortunately caught it between his thighs 107-4.

Adams now partnering DC played some commanding shots for someone that bats well above his years. DC ticking along nicely had a rush of blood and tried to play over the top, when what was needed was to just tick the scoreboard along and play sensibly 130-5. Doms all around started to get a bit twitchy with the Sportsman main bowlers being brought back into the attack and this change brought the downfall of keeper Adams when he got bowled by the dangerous Sunny for a well worked 10, 135-6. Now only needing 45 at a rate of less than 4 an over, the Doms should've been cruising to victory, but the number in the wickets column was starting to worry the packed stands. Now in Perry and Pedro, repelled the best that Sportsman had to offer and looked to finish the game in style. Pedro smashed a beautiful six through his area at cow corner, with this shot came the shout "mind the windows Tino!". Inevitably Pedro tried to repeat the shot but failed and got bowled next ball, 171-7. Dan Brookes now at the crease played and edged to the keeper, although the umpire and Perry didn't hear the knick, Brookes' stock went up as he honestly walked without waiting for the decision, 172-8. Colin walked in and dotted out the rest of the over. Tank who had been quietly amassing runs at the opposite end to all the carnage managed to bash the final runs in the 36th over. Perry finishing as top scorer with 28*. Although the Doms walked over the line with 4 overs to spare it could've been a lot harder if Sportsman hadn't given away 57 extras to the Doms, almost a 1/3 of the Doms total. A good game, played against a good team in the right spirit.


Man of the Match: Connor Adams - for a solid performance behind the stumps, 3 stumpings and a good snaffle off Hodgy.

Dropped catches - 4 Pedro, Hodgson, Adams, Collins. Running total- 6



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