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vs Selly Oak

      Old Doms CC vs Selly Oak CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 9th July 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin J W/C 6 Bowled   1           2      
  2 Smaylen M   6 Caught   1         1        
3 Hodgson J   74 Not Out 6 7 4 3 1 5 1    
  4 Banham M   6 Not out   1 4   15            
  5 Perry A           2   23            
  6 Clarke D           2   21 1 1        
7 Martin S           2   11        
  8 Hunt M                            
  9 Ali                            
10 Last A           3 1 14 3  
      Extras 5 0(B 0LB 5W 0 NB)                    
        97 -2   in 8.2  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 6 28                  
            Batsman 1 2                  
 Selly Oak CC  95 a/o   in 17 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 8wks      

They seek him here they seek him there they seek the elusive Tank Perry everywhere. Where is that stalwart of the Old Doms backbone? Injured? working ? moving house?  No none of these, he's but just a ten minute walk from the ground where the Doms were taking on Selly Oak in a 20/20 over slog. At least his aunty bothered to walk over and give the Doms some support. Disappointing.

So onto the match. A great evening to be playing cricket, the Doms still getting over Sundays walloping had a few players back in the eleven, well it would have been 11 if Hazo had turned up. Chickin wins the toss and decides to bowl yet again, such a defensive attitude to captaincy! So Martin downhill and Last struggling up the slope were given the responsibility to get the Doms off to a flyer.

A steady start  by the pair and it took the 19th ball of the innings for the Doms to make a breakthrough. Last put one wide, Kelly chased and lobbed it up the Clark on his Doms debut. The third and fourth balls of the same over also produced wickets with Davis prodding to Hodgy at short forward leg and Stuart caught behind next ball. Sadly Efty kept out the hatrick ball. The visitors were in trouble at 3-21 off 4.

Clark and Perry took over with the ball and Clark had George caught by Smaylen for his debut Doms wicket. The Selly Oak boys innings fell apart after a devastating four overs from Hodgy bowling downhill against the tailenders bowling three maidens and taking 5 wickets for just one run. Top tail end bowling collecting 30 bowling Index points. Top effort.

The Selly Oak boys finished on 95 a/o after 17 overs with only Nick Hewson 46 really troubling the scorers.

So 96 to win and a Doms wicket went down in the first over when Chickin played two or three awful shots at the same ball before it came down on his stumps, shortly after Smaylen was on his way back for 6. The Doms were 2-28 off 4.

Its was just left to Hodgy to hit a 34 ball 73 not out and Banners a majestic 6 runs of 9 balls to get the Doms over the line in the 9th over at 2-97.

A professionally executed team performance.

Footnote: Hodgy's drug test proved inconclusive....

Man of the Match - It was a close run thing but Hodgy shaded it.

Dropped catches: 2 - Chickin, 1- Perry A     Running total 48



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