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vs Old Moseley Arms CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Old Moseley Arms CC        
            Played at Moseley Ashfields  on 9th August 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin J C/w 15 Caught   1                  
  2 Hickin T   24 Caught   5                  
3 Adams C W 68 Not Not   9         1   1
  4 Rolls R   0 Caught     6 1 38 1          
  5 Brookes M   67 Caught   12 2   22 1          
  6 Smaylen M   13 Not Out   2         1        
7 Adams J                        
  8 Wilcox M           5 1 29            
  9 Brookes D           8   35 1 2        
10 Adie K           6.2   29 2  
11 Last A         8   51 1  
      Extras 35 (18B 2LB 16W 1NB)                    
          222-4   in 40  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 37 60 73 197              
            Batsman 2 1 4 5              
Old Mosley Arms CC  223-6  in 35.2 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 4 wks      

Nice warm day, the Doms had managed to get 11 players on the field and the opponents were our old adversaries Old Moseley Arms. The Moseley Ashfield  wicket looked a tad green and but proved to be full of runs if you were a watchful batsman. The Doms won the toss and decided to bat first. The Hickin boys opened and got the innings off to a brisk start with 6 an over being scored. But in the 7th over Dolly with his score on 24 and looking comfortable played an ordinary poke at the ball and was easily caught. 1-37.

Connor Adams joined Chickin and took his time getting off the mark, 19 balls to be precise. The 13th over proved unlucky for Chickin as another weak shot produced an opportunity for the hosts to get a wicket and Chickin walk off for a  36 ball 15 runs. 2-60 in the 13th over.

Rob Rolls on a flying visit from Yooorkshire lasted 5 balls before trooping off without scoring. Yet another limp wristed shot by a Doms batsman. 3- 73 in 18th.

The partnership of the game was played out between Adams and Martin Brookes, the later scoring easily with plenty of beefy shots whilst Connor Adams played classical cricket shots. At drinks the Doms had moved onto 3-92. A tad under par for the track and speedy outfield and ultimately proved not to have helped when another 20/30 runs or so should have been on the board.

The pair kept the score board moving and the next 20 overs gathering another 130 runs which was about the right rate for the wicket. Brookes went past his 50 before being caught out in the deep for 67 which included 12 boundaries. A partnership of 124 runs. 4-197 in the 36th over.

Smaylen (there's only 7 other Smaylens in the world apparently) joined Adams for the final 4 overs and the partnership took the Doms to 222-4 by the close of the innings. 30 runs below par on reflection.

Adams played a good solid innings and didn't look troubled in accumulating his 68 not out, over 100 runs in his last two Doms innings. He looks like he will go onto better things in time.

Tea was taken. Nice little tea, all a cricketer could ask for at the mid point of a Sunday afternoon game.

Adie and Dan Brookes opened and as in Adie's first over on Thursday she got an edge but Chickin failed to hold onto a sharp chance and Caesar was reprieved. The runs mainly came in boundaries and by the time of the first wicket in the sixth over the score was on 35 but with no further runs added the other opener Mo was on his way back and the Doms were on top at 2 for 35 runs. A wicket apiece for Adie and Dan Brookes.

Rolls and Last came on after ten overs were gone and the score was on 2-48. Rolls first rusty  over went for 16. Howarth looking an awkward number three was troubled by Last but took to hitting the bad balls to the boundaries and kept the score flowing

Rolls was next to strike in 17th over. This time a gentle paced ball lifted and somehow beat the bat and also Chicks gloves and gently ended up hitting his chest. As expected Chicken's injury ravaged body could take no more and he was escorted from the pitch to sit in the shade.

Drinks were taken at that point with the hosts on 2-101.

In the 20th over Rolls gets Tahir to drive and Dan Brookes takes a hard chance and the score was 3-111.

Wilcox bowls his first spell for the Doms unsuccessfully but 5 over for 29 on a batting track was a good first spell.

Last came back and in the 28th traps Green plumb sweeping for 26, 4-165. Ralph and Howarth picked up any loose balls and dispatched well to the boundary aided by some very poor and ordinary fielding. Catches were being regularly dropped with Last on the wrong end of to such regulation takes.

There was one amusing episode when the ball was skied, various shouts were made regarding who was to catch the ball but it ended up with 7st, when wet Danny Brookes taking out Mr pumped up body Dolly and another chance was gone. Pitiful to watch but a tad amusing.

Kath Adie got her second scalp when keeper Adams smartly stumps Howarth who by this time was playing by memory for a rare 50. Stand in skipper Martin Brookes takes the final wicket, another good Dan Brookes catch but by then the game was lost as the hosts win by 4 wickets in 35th over.

Another game where the Doms didn't do all the basics right, 30 runs short, 7 dropped catches, 14 wides and at times some average fielding.

As the players trooped off and hands were shook Chick decides dive to the grass, people milled around, players got their drinks and watched the latest episode in Chicken injury ravaged cricket career. One ambulance car, two ambulances, 6 paramedics and one drip line later he was carted off to the QE where the cash ridden NHS would attempt to put his injury ravaged body back together until next time. It was disappointing for the watching players, now on their third pints that the air ambulance was not to be seen landing on the square, apparently a Chinook wasn't available.

With the Incident Form cobbled together and duly signed the remaining Doms made their weary way home hoping that Lazarus would arise yet again and be available for selection next Sunday.

Footnote: A message was sent by Chicks mum early the next day stating that he's pulled through thanks to the support of many health professionals and millions of pounds worth of NHS technology.

Darren 'sicknote' Anderton you have nothing on our Chick.

Man of the Match - Joint. Connor Adams/Martin Brookes. Top knocks.

Dropped catches: 7 - M Brookes -2 Adams C - 1 Chickin -2 Dolly 1 Dan Brookes -1 Running total 66



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