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vs Coventry Ramblers CC

      Old Doms CC vs Coventry Ramblers CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 31st May 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Davidge M   31 Caught   4                  
  2 Adie K   3 Bowled                      
3 Hodgson J   81 Caught   15 8 3 12 1      
  4 Brookes M   17 Caught   3                  
  5 Hazeldon D W 0 Caught     8   63 1          
  6 Srini   17 Caught   2 8 1 21 1          
7 Hazeldon S   6 Bowled                  
  8 Brookes D   6 Not Out   1         1        
  9 Perry T   20 Not Out   2         1        
10 Hunt M C         5   14 1 1
11 Last A         7   44 2 1
      Extras 12 (1B 2LB 6W 3NB)                    
          192- 7  in  40 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 9 121 123 124 155 158 170        
            Batsman 2 3 1 5 4 6 7        
Coventry Ramblers CC  195-6  in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 3 runs      

Another near thing. Third game where the Doms haven't been able chase down a score. Although chasing down 196 to win is a good chase, but a win at a canter was on the cards but in the end the Doms ended up just 3 runs short. These close calls and not winning is harder to take that a juicy stuffing.

So it looked like the heavens might win and the game being washed out but with the strip covered and a sharp westerly wind blowing across the Hedges ground it was game on. Today's visitors were another new group of cricketers to pit skills with. Coventry Ramblers a nomadic bunch of lads arrived at the ground looking as equally cold as the Doms boys and girl.

Pedro fails to win yet another toss and the visitors decided to bat with still a good amount of cloud cover available to support the Doms attack. Srini and Pedro took the new ball and were soon troubling openers Brailsford and Croston and in fact the ninth ball of the innings saw Danny Brookes take a 'chest assisted' catch off Pedro. Even better things for the Doms as Srini temps Croston and Tank Perry takes a regulation catch. 

Pedro bowls 5 tight overs 1-14 and Hazo spin is tried. Well in Hazo's first over he tosses up a four ball, Truksbury's eyes light up and he smashes the ball boundary wise to leg where Last makes a difficult chance look easy. The Ramblers were in a spot of bother at 3-32 off 10 overs.

Then a very useful stand of 92 between Jupp and Morgan repaired the damage. Being particularly savage off Hazos latter overs. Hodgy again bowling so well down hill, we are not sure if he could manage uphill got the breakthrough trapping Morgan for a good 38. 4-124.

With Last bowling uphill Jupp missed Last's second ball and was hit square on the ankles. The umpire not being moved. A mysterious decision went through the bowlers head and some 'colourful ' words describing the decision were uttered. Then he had the same batsman dropped before his 14th ball went through Jupps gate and bowled him for a very good 63. Its always good to bowl a batsman, no need to rely on the help of others. 5-135 in 30th over.

The Doms now faced containing any 10 over barrage from the Ramblers middle order. But with a succession of dropped catches and some inept fielding Punian and Minlas kept the scoreboard ticking over at about 6 an over. Hodgy finished with 8-3-12-1. Top bowling but needs to hit the wickets more.

Last and Danny Brookes bowled out the final overs, Brookes very quick down hill whilst Last toiled away finally getting the last wicket to fall when Pedro took a very useful catch at deep mid off to dismiss Punian for 38.

40 overs done and dusted The visitors scoring 195-6 in their 40 overs. About a par score for the wicket, the Doms will chase this down was the thought at tea.

Not a bad tea, about 7/10. Excellent pizzas from Hazo via Dominos but a sad offering of tarts from the retuning Tank. One would have thought the 'female' influence would encouraged to up his game..

So tea done Davidge and Kath Adie went out to get the Doms off to a flier. Sadly Adie was bowled by Raddcliff with the score on 9. Hodgy strode into bat. Which Hodgy would turn up? Well the big hitting Hodgy it was as he started to find the boundaries with regularity.  At drinks the Doms were well placed at 1-88. 107 needed in a full 20 overs and 9 wks in hand. Hodgy passed his 50 and another ton was on the cards when sadly trying to force the pace was caught to the relief of the Ramblers players. Hodgy out for 81 and the Doms 2-124 in the 28 over. 72 off 12. There was still some confidence in the Doms ranks.

Unfortunately Hodgys demise saw Davidge (31) and Dan Hazo (0) out and the Doms were wobbling at 4-124 off 29. The next four overs saw Martin Brookes and Srini move the score on to 155 when both the big hitting Srini and Brookes where both out. The game was now on its head with the Doms on 6-158 and only 6 overs left. 38 in 6 overs, still big hitters Tank and Pedro would knock these off.

Sadly they didn't, Tank smote 20 and young Danny Brookes a run a ball 6 against some useful bowling of Punian and Minhas just failed to get the Doms over the line on 7-193 just 2 short of a draw and 3 for a win. A disappointed end for the Doms against a good Ramblers 11.

We look forward to playing them again in the future.

Man of the Match - Hodgy for another good knock.

Dropped catches: Hodgy -1 M Brookes -1 D Brookes -1 M Hunt -1  Running total 26



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