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vs Coftonians CC

      Old Doms CC vs Coftonians  CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 26th April 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin J C 40 Caught   6                  
  2 Davidge M W 0 Bowled                 2    
3 Banham M   5 Bowled   1 8   36 3      
  4 Yarrington J   0 Caught                      
  5 Collins D   26 Bowled   3                  
  6 Pedley R   49 Caught 2 5 4   26 1 3        
7 Adie K   2 Bowled     6 1 30 1      
  8 Hazelden S   5 Not Out     8 2 55 3   1      
  9 Ali   13 Caught   4 6   55            
10 Last A   2 Bowled     8   30 1  
11 Manoj   3 Bowled            
      Extras 30 (11B 1LB,16W,2NB)                    
        174 a/o   in  37 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 5 17 27 62 125         174  
            Batsman 2 3 4 1 5 6 7 9 10 11  
Coftonians CC  235-9  in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost 63 runs      

Well the Doms winning start ended with a 63 run defeat to Coftonians on a surprisingly sunny day. The Doms missing some regular players, some at work and  some not given a Day Pass to play cricket. Sign of the times I suppose. Chicken captained the side despite having spent hours at Jemma's  bedside at the QEH. The Doms need more wives/girl friends like Jem "no James you go and play cricket I will be fine, the Doms are important". 'Sighs' if only the rest were like.....

Right onto the game. It was one of the Doms long time opponents, Coftonians, a much changed team from years gone by but you always get a competitive game of cricket. The Doms were asked to bowl first something that Chicken had planned to do in any case. The wicket looked a cracker and the sky was blue, although a jumper was still required.

Adie down hill and Stevie Haz spinning up the Hill. Sadly the report is a bit limited as the score book lacks any detail about when wickets went down and the pace of the visitors innings. From memory it was a steady start with Hazo picking up Surplice in his second over as Pedders took the first of his three catches. Hazo got the second wicket when he trapped Hoffman for a brisk 29 whilst at the other end Halid looked his usual destructive self dealing mainly in boundaries.  It was a bout 90-2 in 16 overs.

Banners easing down hill kept the runs in check whilst Last ambled in off a full 8 steps..Halid breezed to his 50 only to be undone by Last's extra slower ball, Halid danced down the track, played 3 or 4 shots, non of which  connected bat on ball and with Davidge patiently waiting for the ball to reach him whipped the bails off. Halid looked bemused as he trudged off.

Banners bowls out with a good return of 3-36 and Last a spell of 1-34. The Doms had pulled the run rate back as it looked like a 300 plus chase would be on the cards. Adie and Hazo returned and picked up a wicket each whilst new recruit Ali steamed in downhill and really gave Davidge's gloves a good testing. Given that he hadn't bowled for a while he look very sharp although a bit wayward.

Hazo 3-55, Adie 1-30 and Pedders chipped in with 1-26. The fielding was good with few if any slip ups, some really excellent catches by Pedders and Hazo were a treat to behold.

Tea was taken with the visitors posting 235-9.

Tea, not to bad. Seen better, seen worse. On a sad note, given Banners culinary skills with his version of Angel Delight his shop bought production of pizza was a tad disappointing.

So 236 to win. It started badly with Davidge being bowled for a 1st ball duck and a few runs later Banners was trudging back bowled for a mere 5 runs. Doms 2-17 off 2 overs. Yarrington went without troubling the scorer's pencil (actually a pen - awful way to complete a score book). Chicken at the other end kept playing expansive shots and raced to 40 including 6 4's before he swished needlessly at a leg side wide. Appeals were made but the umpire was  unmoved as no noise or ball deviation was seen. Somehow Chicken decided to be a true sportsman and walked...much to the amazement of the fielders. Doms 4-62.

Pedders now joined Collins and the repair work started. Both playing cautiously although Pedders second scoring shot was a 6 ! Drinks were taken at 4-85. 140 needed off 20.

A further 8 overs went by before Collins finally succumbed and was bowled for 26. It was an innings where he scratched around and never really got his innings started.5-126. Pedders kept going but fell one short of a 50 when he was caught. Other than a rapid 13 from Ali the innings petered out and the Doms ended on 174 still 60 odd runs adrift.

The Coff boys deserved their win, they batted well down their line up and all the bowlers never gave the Doms batsmen any periods where they could get on top.

Well that's the first defeat out of the way now and the Doms head onwards to Thursdays first 20/20 thrash against Avoncroft.

Man of the Match - Pedders, three catches and a solid 49.

Dropped catches: Last -1 Chicken -1 Yarrington -2 Banham -1 . Running total 11



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