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vs Castle Bromwich CC

      Old Doms CC vs Castle Bromwich CC        
            Played at Arden Hall on 10th May 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin J W 4 LBW               2      
  2 Davidge M   55 Not Out   5                  
3 Hodgson J   2 Bowled     8 2 32 2   1  
  4 Hickin T   0 LBW                      
  5 Smaylen M   8 Caught   1                  
  6 Aide K   16 Caught   1                  
7 Srini   2 Caught     5   17 2   1  
  8 Ali   1 Not Out     5 1 30 2          
  9 Hunt M C         5 1 11 1          
10 Last A           4   22 1  
11 Anstey J         1.3   5 2  
      Extras 5 (1B 1LB,3W,1NB)                    
        119 - 6 in  40 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 17 23 23 42 104 117          
            Batsman 1 3 4 5 6 7          
Castle Bromwich CC  119a/o 28.3  in overs
      Match: Old Doms drew with Castle Bromwich CC      

Which idiot coined the phrase "lightning never strikes twice" ? Well the Doms players decided to give it a go and try and replicate Thursdays tragic batting performance where the Doms batsmen failed to chase down a mere 116 in 20 overs. This time the opposition were equally generous and said "here you are lads lets see if you can get 120 runs in 40 overs this time". Really generous a full 40 overs, that's 240 legal balls. But no they bowled 6 wides and 5 no balls. 251 balls to get 120! More head shaking....

It all started out well, Pedro had secured a good fixture against league team Castle Bromwich CC after the original opponents had called off. The Doms had a good eleven with Jonners flying in from Melbourne three days earlier to make the 11. It was a fine day but a tad chilly as the toss was won by the Doms and it was decided to bowl first. Looking at the home teams line up the Doms feared a long afternoon chasing the ball around.

Srini and Pedro opened the bowling and soon had success as Pedro and Chickin combined to dismiss the opener for 0. Srini then followed up with two wickets and soon the hosts were 9-3 in 8 overs.

With  Hodgy on the shackles were released a bit and runs flowed. Ali kept the score in check from the other end. But Hodgy suddenly got his rhythm in his 5th over and bowled Tyler for 45 followed by another 3 balls later. The score now was 72-6. Ali got a wicket. The Doms were controlling the game. Last and Anstey came on and with Lasts 4th ball the dangerous Hindly gave a regulation catch to Dolly. Sadly he spilled it. Even sadder for Last Hindly straight drove Last for 2 6's two balls later. Jonners gets a wicket with his 5th delivery when the ball hit most parts of Bostocks body before the ball eventually dribbles up to the stumps with just enough energy to dislodge the bails.

Last then thinks he's got revenge on Hindly as he lobs another simple catch, this time to Davidge. Same result the ball ends up on the grass. Last eventually gets a wicket this time Srini holding a good catch at mid off. Jonners cleaned up Hindley when Hodgy held on and the Castle Brom boys were all out in the 29th over for a less than challenging 119. A great performance by the Doms given the batting strength of the home side.

The Doms were in the driving seat. Given the quick ending of the Castle Brom innings it was decided to play the Doms first 10 overs before tea. 

So Chickin and Dav set out to chase down the runs and getting the team over the line and into the bar. Sadly Chick was adjudge LBW back in his crease for 4 and the Doms were 17-1 in the 8th over. Hodgy came in and his poor form continued when he leaves a ball that came into him and was bowled for 2 quickly followed by Dolly for a duck.  So at tea the Doms were 3-23 off ten. Only 97 needed off 30 overs.

Davidge was playing some nice shots and accumulating whilst Smaylen looked to hit the ball hard. Sadly he was caught playing a weak shot with the Doms on 4-42 in 16th over. Loads of overs to to go to get the 78 needed.

The next 20 overs were pedestrian, 2's turned into 1's 1's turned into "NO"....the 20 overs yielded just 58 runs ! So with the score on 99-4 the Doms needed just 21 off the final 4 overs. Much like Thursday night over 37 yielded 5 runs, the 38th 5 we somehow contrived to need 11 off 12 balls. Aide had gone for 16 and then big hitting Srini saw the keeper who had looked rubbish all 38  overs take a stunning one handed catch. Last over 3 to win, tip and run time, loads of wickets let. Nope we scrape just 2 runs off 6 balls and the match is tied. Davidge did what he's there for providing the backbone and was 55 no but the rest of the batsmen never really got in.

Before the match had started the Doms would have taken a draw against the lads from Castle Brom but it felt like another defeat. 88 runs off the bat in 240 balls plus and extra 11 balls through wides and no balls. So disappointing...

Man of the Match - Davidge for 55 no

Dropped catches: Dolly -2 Davidge -1 Running total 19



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