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vs Belbroughton CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Belbroughton CC        
            Played at Belbroughton on 2nd August 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin J C 55 Caught   10                  
  2 Davidge M   43 LBW   9                  
3 Adams C W 45 Bowled   7             1
  4 Morris S   3 Bowled                      
  5 Brookes M   29 Bowled 1 3 7   39 2          
  6 Smaylen M   14 Not Out 1 1 2   26            
7 Hickin T   1 Not Out             2    
  8 Adie K           8   45 1          
  9 Brookes D           8   32   1        
10 Anstey W           7   44 1  
11 Last A         8   47 2  
      Extras 30 (8B 0LB 17W 5NB)                    
        222 -5   in  40  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 93 150 168 197 219            
            Batsman 1 2 4 3 5            
 Belbroughton CC    272-6 in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 50 runs      

Another game that passes the Doms by, this time to Belbroughton by 50 runs. So many times this season the Doms could have, no should have recorded wins. Adapting to the differing situations that the game throws up. Missed opportunities.

So hey what a nice little ground Belbroughton CC has. Compact, neatly trimmed, great homely club house and a nice uphill chase giving the racing fielder the carrot of just catching up with the ball before it trickles over the line. All in all a great place to play a game of cricket on a warm sunny afternoon.

The Doms have 11 players and who steps up to show how he's developed his cricketing skills no less than Will Anstey. Jonners would have been proud of young Wills performance. Not a weak link by any stretch of the imagination.

Chick wins the toss and chooses to bowl on a batsman's idea of heaven. The groundsman said it would play true throughout the 80 overs. It did, no deviation, little turn and no unpredictable bounce. So the Doms bowl !

The Doms light on regular bowlers opened with Danny Brookes and Kath Adie. The openers, Margarets and Hawk set off quickly taking the opportunity to punish loose balls for boundaries. The score raced along at over 6 an over with Connor Adams gloves hardly been tested. Seems odd that the Doms kept two slips in for long periods of the game and at one point had three in.

Dolly picked up an early finger injury and needed to be treated by Jemma. It didn't hamper his fielding as he went on to take a couple of good catches later in the match.

Last was bought on with the openers in full flow and finally got the breakthrough in 15th over when Hawks played all around a straight ball and was smartly stumped by Adams. 1-100 off 15. Martin Brookes then saw Dolly take a very sharp chance to dismiss Greatbatch for 4. 2-109. With only 4 further runs added Last gets the other opener, Margarets well caught by Danny Brookes for a quickfire 70. The hosts now were 3-113 in 17th over. The Doms were getting back into the game.

At drinks though the hosts had moved the score onto 3-133. It looked like the Doms would be chasing a big total.

With Last off with the openers scalps the home side kept the run rate over 6. Martin Brookes gets a second wicket shortly followed by Adie having Spells caught by Hands Anstey on as a Sub. 5-206 in the 30th over and the Doms were presented with a batting pair of two young lads, less than 20 years of age between them. They carted the Doms around the park at 7 an over for the next ten before Will Anstey gets his maiden, and deserved Doms wicket when Hawk on 48 skied to mid wicket, the Doms held their breath as Dolly steadied himself and took the pressure catch.

The hosts innings ended on 6-272, about 20/30 more than necessary. Some pedestrian fielding turning ones in fours on what was becoming a hot afternoon. It was great to see young Will Ansteys fielding skills, mainly at mid off he was an example to many of the other 10 Doms fielders.

Players trooped off to tea. Players were given their batting positions with no surprises and without any apparent thought of the 7 an over run chase.

Tea, well the Belbroughton tea was top class. It was like comparing a Farrari Belbroughton tea against the Toyota Pirus Old Doms team tea. It obviously helps having proper cricket tea ladies but the Doms ethic of buying the cheapest off the shelf with little or no thought of personal effort or presentation looks a tad amateurish.

So 273 to win on a flat track and what turned out to be not the most hostile bowling attack the Doms batsmen will ever face. Chickin in particular tucked into the run fest offered and he and Davidge took the score to a respectable 93 runs off 17 overs before Chicken was caught for a very stylish 55. A tad below the rate but given the quality of the bowling putting the foot on the accelerator wouldn't have been to much of a risk.

Drinks came up at 1-106 in a run of four straight maiden overs. The Doms were 31 runs short of what the hosts posted at the same point. There was a feeling that the 167 needed in the final 20 overs was beyond the Doms. As it was the Doms would only gather another 117 off the 20 overs left.

I suppose its easy to be overly critical from the perspective of an 'he cant bat player' but do batters ever look at the score board and do mental calculations then discuss between overs setting milestones to reach by certain overs? In the old days the skipper watching on would have sent someone out between overs carrying a pair of gloves or bat with a message from the skipper telling the batsmen 'skippers said if you don't push on get yourself out - NOW'.

So, Davidge was adjudged  lbw being turned face on French cricket style. Umpires call. Stato went playing some sort of fencing lunge and was bowled for 3. The Doms had stuttered to 3-168 in 32 overs.

Big hitting Martin Brookes coming in to join Connor Adams and hit a venomous more than a run a ball 29 before being bowled by a young child. Awful way to get out. Sadly Connor Adams just missed out on a well accumulated 50 by being bowled for 45.  It just left Smaylen to get some glory by smashing a no ball for a six to cow corner.

The Doms innings had limped inevitably to 5-222, never ever looked like worrying the 274 needed. By the time the stumps were drawn the Doms players had been enjoying sitting in the sunshine, some changed, some drinking a nice cooling refreshing beer or two.

Sadly the batters once their job is done its a leisurely change of clothes, pack your kit nicely. Get that nice sneaky half and sit and rest in the sun. Oh and they couldn't possibly do any umpiring before they bat, bugger no, they need to walk around with pads on just incase. The only team mates that are working for the team tend to be the scorer and umpires. Nothing changes...oh to be considered a batsman..

Man of the Match - Will Anstey for his all around match performance. #settingthestandards

Dropped catches: 1 - Martin Brookes  Running total 59



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