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vs Bromsgrove XI

      Old Doms CC vs  Bromsgrove XI CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 30th August 2015          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickin J W 14 Bowled   4             1    
  2 Davidge M   63 Caught   12                  
3 Brookes M   20 Caught 1 3 8   56 3      
  4 Smaylen M   16 Caught   2         1        
  5 Morris S   0 Bowled                      
  6 Adie K   67 Not Out   13 4   50            
7 Clarke J   0 Bowled     4   32        
  8 Brookes D   0 Caught     7 1 32 1 2        
  9 Hunt M C 0 Not Out     6.2 1 41 2          
10 Last A           9 1 51 1  
      Extras 30 (18B 2LB 10W 0NB)                    
        210 - 7  in 40  overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 22 64 99 101 206 207 207        
 Bromsgrove XI CC  275 a/o  in 39.2 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 65 runs      

Well this should have been a home game against Edgbaston Unity, sadly like many teams this season they couldn't field 11 players. Luckily for the Doms Bannners came to the rescue and gathered together a bunch of the Bromsgrove lads and it was game on !

The weather forecast didn't look to good with some predicted drizzle expected for most of the afternoon. The match got underway on the top square but within 8 overs the players were off and back in the club house having a very early tea. The 8 overs produced 43 runs for the loss of no wicket for the Bromsgrove side. Banham hitting a quick fire 23 runs, all out of the middle of the bat.

With the top square now covered and tea taken the match resumed on the Hedges square using the artificial track. In the very first over of the resumption Last bowling uphill to Banham produced the ball of the season, much akin to the Warne ball against Gatting. It was unplayable as the ball ripped across Banhams charge into the safe hands of keeper Chickin who whipped the bails off and a bemused Banners trudged off still in a dizzy haze for 25 runs. 1-46 in 9 overs.

Then followed a great spell by Martin Brookes cleaning up three batsmen, Hickman 0 Dennison 14 and Ben Johnson 0. The Bromsgrove boys were reeling at 4-69 off 13 overs. Sadly this brought in Pedders who managed to see Last and Brookes off before hamming 4's and 6's to all parts of the ground whilst Stanford watched on and picked up runs at a more subdued pace.

As ever the case the Doms failed to hold catches. Last had two very sharp one handed diving chances but Smaylen and Davidge dropped three very simple catches to have seen Pedders out before he got a very speedy 100. On 106 poor Pedders decided the Doms bowlers should be spared and walk off undefeated on 106.

The Doms came on strong after and took further wickets as the Bromsgrove lads pushed on. Stanford played well for his 62 and Downing and Sam Johnson scored some quick runs and they eventually  were bowled out for 275 with 4 balls unused.

There were good and bad parts to the Doms performance in the field. The catching was poor but the fielding was generally good with Smaylen and Danny Brookes doing some great work. Chickin's keeping was energetic and the 10 byes let through were generally caused by rubbish bowling. Last provided some light entertainment when he raced after a boundary bound ball and stopped it just within the boundary only to knock the ball out of his had on his knee which saw the ball shoot over the boundary. It happens to the best of fielders...

So with 276 needed to win Chickin and Davidge laid into the bowling generally dealing in 4's until Chickin was bowled by a good ball from Ben Johnson coming down the hill. 1-22 off 5 overs. Martin Brookes kept the run rate moving until he was caught for 20 shortly followed by Smaylen who paid a limp shot and was easily caught by Blackmore. The score of 3-99 off 18 soon became 4-101 as Stato faced 2 balls before being bowled by Downing. Stato gives the ball the full face of the bat in a classic defensive prod only to see the spinning ball trickle towards the stumps and limply knocks a bail off. All Stato could do was watch in slow motion then trudge off for a very rare duck.

The the partnership of the Doms innings. Adie joined Davidge and slowly at first built up a good partnership, not fast enough to chase down the 276 needed but given the batting to follow consolidation and a 'lets see how close we can get' attitude.

Both passed their 50's, Davidge's taking 73 balls and Adie's in 45 ball's. But just after the 100 partnership came up in the 38th over Davidge was caught for 63. A flurry of wickets followed as Kelly took the wickets of Clarke and Danny Brookes for a duck each leaving Pedro to come in and see off the final 3 balls leaving the Doms 65 runs short on 210-8.

Kath Adie carried her bat for 67 in 61 balls, great effort.

Well given the weather both teams enjoyed a well fought out match with Bromsgrove just having the edge. Great to see so many good youngsters coming through the Bromsgrove system.

Man of the Match - Kath Adie for a very competant 67 not out with no chances given.

Dropped catches: 6 -Last-2 Chickin-1 Smaylen -1 Davidge -2 Running total 76





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