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vs Old Griffs CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Old Griffs CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 2th June 2014          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Martin S   9 Bowled   1 4   23            
  2 Moore S W 59 Stumped   7           1      
3 Hodgson J   25 Bowled 2 2 4   9   1    
  4 Hickin T   1 Ran Out     2   12            
  5 Humphries G   2 Not Out             1        
  6 Williams A   0 Not Out                      
7 Ladha K           2   10 1      
  8 Perry T C         4 2 11 2 1        
  9 Last A           4   15 2          
      Extras 4 (1B 1 LB,2W,0NB)                    
        94-4  in  12 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 26 68 90 93              
            Batsman 1 3 4 3              
 Old Griffs CC    93-5 in 20 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 4 wks      

Old Griffs were the visitors, it was only a few weeks ago the Doms got a right stuffing by the Griffs boys. The Doms on that night had a strong 11, this time out 9 players would try and get revenge. New boy Williams turned out in nice trendy golf shoes. Looked like a keen sportsman and came through his first match with credit.

Perry was skipper, still on 100%. he would have to get the very best out of the players at his disposal if he were to loose his 100% record. The Griffs skipper called wrong and Perry put them into bat on a greenish wicket.

The Doms needed to get off to a good start with the ball. Perry and Hodgy set the field to restrict the runs and with Hodgy and Last taking the first 8 overs he couldn't have asked for more. The first 4 overs went fro 8 runs with Pickles taking a good catch at mid on off Last to dismiss Breeze and in next over Hodgy picked up a regulation catch off Last and the visitors were struggling on 2-17 off 6 overs. Last and Hodgy bowled out 8-0-24-2 in their allotted spell.

Perry and Stevie Martin paired up to take the next 8. Again both bowled tightly supported by some outstanding fielding. Perry in particular bowled out of his skin finishing on 4-2-11-2 with an outstanding C&B.  Stand in bowler Martin spell 4-0-23-0 only his last over did the batsmen get him away which then only cost 8 runs. So with 16 overs gone the Griffs had stuttered along to 4-68.

So the question was could Perry's final 4 overs bowled by Kman and Dolly be as restrictive as the previous 16. Well Dolly and Kman bowled out of their skins and restricted the visitors to only 25 more runs and with the loss of a wicket to Kman.

So the Griffs had struggled to 93-5 off their 20. Would the Doms chase it down?

Martin and Sammy Moore opened and didn't seem in much trouble as the score board rattled along. the first two overs being spanked for 24 runs. However in the 3rd over Martin drove at a wide ball and played on for 9. Doms 1-27 off 3 overs.

Right, two big hitter at the crease and they didn't disappoint. Hodgy and Moore battered the bowling with the Griffs fielders chasing the ball to all parts of the ground. But with the score on 72, Shakib bowled a slow off break which Hodgy waited and waited for and looked flummoxed as the ball turned around his bat and bowled him for 25. 2-72 off 7.

Sammy Moore continued and passed his fifty but in the 10th over he bladdered a straight ball which Breeze fingered onto the stumps leaving Dolly stranded. 3-90 soon became 4-93 as Moore strode down the wicket and was well stumped. It left Williams and Humphries to steady the ship and get the Doms over the line with 7 overs to spare.

A great performance by the 9 men who excelled in all areas. The club house beer tasted like nectar as the teams enjoyed after match drinks.


Player of the Match: All 9 players deserved this accolade. Great team performance.

Dropped Catches: Last -1 Running Total -26

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