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vs Old Georgians CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Old Georgians CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 3 August 2014          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Davidge M W 60 Not Out   8           2 1    
  2 Wright D   7 Bowled   1         1        
3 Hodgson J C 47 Bowled   8 8 2 11 3 1    
  4 Brookes M   16 Bowled   3 5   36            
  5 Sukaraman M   31 Bowled   4                  
  6 Rich A   1 Not Out     7   32 3          
7 Walshe P           7 2 22        
  8 Rich S                            
  9 Brookes D           7   41 1 1        
10 Anstey J           6   44 2 1
      Extras 18 (3B 3LB 11W,1NB)                    
        180-4   in  40overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 14 80 118 171              
            Batsman 2 3 4 5              
 Old Georgians CC  199-9  in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 19 runs      

Well Jonners calls in enroute from Melbourne to somewhere in Scotland to produce his best bowling performance of the season. Manjo makes his Doms highest score of the season and Philo has his best bowling spell for the last two years and to cap it all Dave Wright races to his top score in over two seasons. We to put things in context this is the first time we have seen Manjo, Philo and Wrighty for years.

Well we are into August and still cant find 11 players, Jonners even had to purchase new wheels as his last ones were seen being dumped in a skip in Alber last year. Both teachers were taken away 'abroad' by their respective significant woman - during the season. Shakes head in despair. Man and mouse come to mind....

So Hodgy is skippering against the useful Old Georgians who's own captain wasn't allowed to play because his wife decides to have a baby during the playing season. Funny old world we now live in.

The Old G's would bat and got off to a flyer after 10 overs the score was on  1-75 with Dan Brookes getting Strides wicket with a great Anstey catch. But with the introduction of Alex Rich and Anstey the wickets tumbled and the runs rate started to reduce. At drinks the Old G were 4-127. 40 odd were added in the next ten overs with a further 4 wickets tumbling. Anstey 2-44 and Rich 3-32 doing the damage.

Sadly for the Doms the Old Gs tail wagged a bit and got the score to 9-199 off their 40 overs with Hodgy producing his seasons best spell of 3-11 off 8.

The Doms went to tea feeling they were back in the game. It looked like the Old G's would get 300+ at one stage but the makeshift Doms 10 had produced a sterling performance with the ball and in the field.

A good tea was produced but the cheese wraps are still of concern.

So the Doms with six players out of the ten not having batted all season got stuck in to chase down the 200 needed. Meehan and Manning bowled very well keeping the score in check and getting the wicket of Wrighty who's first bat for two years yielded 7 runs. Hodgy came in and played a skippers innings, pushing the score along. At drinks the Doms were well placed at 1-77. An improbable win was on the cards. Sadly in 21st over Hodgy was bowled by a very good ball from McDonnell for 47.

Davidge as always kept plugging away and supporting. Martin Brookes looked in good nick until McDonnell produced the same ball as he did for Hodgy with the same result and Brookes was out for 17.

The Doms were now on 3-118 off 30. The 200 needed was still a possibility but with the next 6 batsmen left to support Davidge none had held a bat this year and some for years. But Manjo soon got into his stride and knocked a quick 31 and Davidge passed his 50. Sadly for the Doms the 40th over came up with the Doms still 19 short. A great effort by a team with little game time. Mike D ended up 60 not out, a good solid foundation but about 3 overs more would have seen the Doms home.

Now this is the 30th year of the Old Doms and what happened on 5th ball of the 40th over of the Doms innings was history in the making. The 4th ball was crashed by Davidge into the bushes, players and umpire Jonners went to find it. However a spare ball was thrown on the wicket and the fielders returned to play. The 5th ball of the final over was bowled, Davidge comes forward misses the ball and the keeper removes the bails in a flash. Players arms went up, the keeper yells "HOWSTHAT" and turns to the leg side umpire...yes you've guessed it the legside umpire was still in the bushes looking for the errant ball, no one had told him a spare ball was being used. Davidge righty stood his ground and lashed the last ball for 4 exactly in the same spot as Jonners in full umpires coat emerges from the bushes unknown to him the game was over. A classic moment. For the record Jonners had found the ball !

A great game which both teams played their part in a game that could have gone either way. Cricket at its best.

Player of the match: Hodgy despite his dropped catch, for 47 runs and 3-11 off 8.

Dropped Catches: Hodgy -1 Davidge -1 Stu Rich - 1 Running Total -44



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