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Old Doms 2014 Tour XI vs Mountfield CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Mountfield CC        
            Played at Mountfield on 17th August 2014          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Davidge M W 16 Bowled   1 2   5 1          
  2 Perry T   13 Bowled 1   2   7 2          
3 Hodgson J W 31 Caught 2 2 2   3 1 1   1
  4 Brown M   55 Not Out 1 9         1        
  5 Humphries G   0 Bowled     3   19            
  6 Smaylen M   9 Caught   2 6 2 12 1          
7 Ladha K   4 Not Out   1 3 1 14        
  8 Rich A           5 1 22 1          
  9 Hunt M C         5   27 1          
10 Last A           1.4   1 2  
11 Rich S         2   7 1  
      Extras 13 (2B 0LB 8W,3NB)                    
        141-5   in  29.4overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 26 37 89 96 137            
            Batsman 2 1 3 5 6            
 Mountfield CC  139 a/o in 31.4 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 5 wks      

Its tour time...and yes the Old Doms actually got a team of 11 players out. A hardy and eager set of players were picked up at various parts of the Midlands by the intrepid coach driver Stu Rich who obviously had never heard of dropping the clutch when the coach came to a halt..

The eleven looked strong on paper only time would tell if they could man up and meet the challenges ahead. The trip down to Eastbourne was uneventful except for the numerous requests for toilet stops and to empty Hodgy's makeshift cool box. Well the tour bus eventually  pulled up at the luxury sea front hotel, sea views for everyone as the cases were unloaded. It then came to the teams notice that the hotel was full of 'mature' people with zimmer frames and electric chariots. Regardless, the team soldiered on and got to the allocated sea view rooms....sadly we were stuck with views over the back yards of various buildings.   No to be deterred the plan was to meet in the bar at 8. It was disappointing that the team was asked to leave as the bingo was on and our chatter was disturbing the hearing loops.

Nevertheless the team went out to experience the local cuisine and found a respectable Spanish tapas restaurant that within minutes of arriving Tank had upset the waitress. Pedro was also found out when his chilli tapas was a bit to hot for him..

Anyway the evening passed without further mishaps and  the feisty waitress and Tank kissed and made up.

Breakfast at 8:45 went without much to report other than the tea was weak and food edible. The first day was Eastbourne Air show day so the sea front was packed with stalls and like stuff. Belgian beer was drunk. It was a hot old walk and Last's leg was getting pissed off with all the walking and relentless sunshine. So when the call for the Tour Golf Tournament was made he dropped out and sat with a few glasses of wine and watched the nice planes making nice smoke lines in the sky.

The golf's winning team was Davidge, Hodgy and Perry. Won it easily. The bookies had closed the book before a ball was hit in anger.  The evening came and went, this time the Chinese had the Doms company for dinner. The youngsters then went off in search of places that sell  'shots' know the smallest of glasses of some shite that the pub owner is desperate to get rid of.

Match Day Morning....

Players and team officials had a light breakfast before the white boards were assembled to discuss tactics and stuff. It was clear the Doms would be prepared for the rigors ahead. With the coach packed, players signed autographs and then took their life in their hands as Stu and and the sat nav lady drove them off to Mountfield's ground some distance away in darkest East Sussex.

The team arrived on time and in one piece and prepared for the match. Pedro produced the Team Sheet and some glum faces where noted as those not chosen to play were informed...

The Doms win the toss and would bowl first in this 'timed' match. Pedro hoping that the Doms could bat out the overs for a draw if needed. The batting strip was green and soft, a heavy roller was needed but sadly not available. It would be a bowling paradise.

Pedro and Alex Rich opened and its was immediately clear that Pedro would struggle against the prevailing hurricane as he ran into to bowl. The openers looked uncertain as Rich and Pedro tried to get a ball on the wicket. Both batsmen were undone by the wind, Troy belted a ball which was going to the boundary but was held up long enough in the breeze for Barlow Brown to trundle around the boundary and take a good catch. A few balls later the other opener Wedmore was deceived by a 'flighted' ball by Rich which fell onto the wickets from a great height. Some would call it a Yorker some would call it a a ball that didn't touch the grass.

Then the home sides best partnership got stuck into Pedro and Rich and the runs flowed. Pedro off for 1-27 and Rich 1-22. Perry and Hodgy took over and the runs dried up and some more wickets fell. A good catch by Hodgy off Perry did for Descutter and the pair then got rid of Henry and Crisp. The home side were in tatters as Stu Rich bowled a straight one to top scoring Steilsford and was adjudged LBW for a good 54.

The players came off for a short shower and took an early tea before going out to a spiced up wicket.

Davidge bowled his first overs for the Doms and collected a wicket as did Mike Smaylen. Sadly Pickles was wicketless. Last came on to clean up the tail, it was surprising the clubs leading wicket taker took 10 balls to do it though.

A great all-round bowling and fielding performance by the Doms albeit Perry and Pedro combined to both dive around and over the ball. So amusing to watch...

So the Doms needed 140 to win in about and hour and 20 overs. No problem for the Doms but given the unpredictability of the wicket it could be a tricky run chase.

Davidge and Perry opened and Perry bladdered the first ball for a 6. They played respectively after that rush to Perrys head against some useful bowling. Perry was first to go with the score on 26, he was bowled for 13 and some 11 runs later platform builder Davidge when cheaply for 16. The Doms were on 2-37.

The two big hitters were now in, Hodgy and Barlow..fireworks were expected but all we seem to get was dot ball after dot ball with the occasional run or boundary. Hodgy hit a couple of sixes before he was well caught. He trudged off for 31 runs and the score was on 3-87. Pickles came in and played some exquisite dot ball shots before playing down the wrong dot ball line, 4-96.

Mike Smaylen came in and cracked a couple of fours whilst Barlow started finding his range and getting the Doms closer to the 140 needed. With only 3 needed Smaylen was caught behind for 8 and it was left to Kman to cut his second ball to the boundary to get the Doms home safely with many overs to spare.  Barlow ending with a top undefeated score of 55 which proved to be the backbone of the Doms chase.

A great tour win for the Doms by 5wks. Hand shakes all round. A great game of cricket played in good spirit as it should always be.

After a quick few pints the team headed back to the nursing home, ops the team hotel. Some players when for the obligatory Indian meal whilst one or two went for the buttock clenching kebabs..

The victorious team had an early breakfast and boarded the coach and headed to Bromsgrove. No untoward happenings on the way back, just reflective moments of a great weekend of cricket.

Cricket at its best.

Player of the match: The team, everyone played a part in making it a great weekend and of course a great tour win.

Dropped Catches: Last - 1 Running Total -45



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