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Old Doms CC vs Edgbaston Unity CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Edgbaston Unity CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 14th September 2014          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Davidge M W 5 Run Out                 1    
  2 Hickin J   68 Run Out   7 4   35            
3 Collins D   19 Caught   2         1    
  4 White T   22 Caught   3 5   42 2 1        
  5 Anstey Jnr   17 Not Out   2                  
  6 Rich A   37 Not Out   8 8   83 1          
7 Hunt M C         7   50 1      
  8 Hazeldon S           8   52 1          
  9 Morris S                   1        
10 Last A           8   61 1 1
11 Rich S                  
      Extras 38 (13B 1LB 22W,2NB)                    
        206-4   in  32 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 28 96 128 142              
            Batsman 1 3 4 2              
Edgbaston Unity CC  336-8 in 40 overs
      Match: Match Drawn - bad light stopped play      

Well the boys from Edgbaston Unity were given a second chance to turn up. Funny how the agreed 1pm start turns into a 1:35 start with players drifting in for the next half an hour. Still in the end it may have cost them a victory as the report will tell.

Poor old Pedro with only two games to go he  must be looking forward to the end of the season with the constant chasing around to get eleven players. At the 11th hour an injured Stato and a vicious bit of arm bending to Justin A and we had eleven players. Well done again to Pedro.

The visitors opted to bat, well they had to as they only had 4 players at 1.35. They got off to a belting start as is their Caribbean background. After 8 balls the score was on 20 when Adnan's flamboyant drive off Pedro flew in the air towards the legside boundary when Last stretched high and caught a useful one handed catch over his left shoulder. In the next over Last nearly pulled off an even harder one handed catch off Alex Riches bowling, but all was not lost in Riches next over Stuart was well caught in the slips by Stato. The visitors were now on 2-47 off a flying 6 overs.

The score continued to rattle along as the fast outfield helped the ball get to the boundary very quickly. At the drinks break the Unity boys were on a staggering 2-161. None of the bowlers used by Pedro could get any sort of control on the batting. The next wicket fell to Stevie Hazeldon when he had Cumberbatch well stumped by Davidge. 3-176 off 22.

Last had two excellent LBW shouts which were turned down, one, Umpire "he was down the wicket man" (Mr Brookes note) and Umpire "hey man he didn't look out to me". Last could only wish the Old Doms umpires played by the same rules...

Last eventually gets a wicket, a first Doms catch for Ted White, Ted also got his first wickets for the Doms. The Doms soldiered on as the runs were racked up and were grateful when Pedro bowled the final ball of the 40th over. The Unity boys ended their innings on 6-336 this was the second highest score against the Doms in the 30 years of playing. The Doms kept going and never once showed any dissent at the lapses in the field.

With the possibility of bad light affecting the outcome of the match the opposition kindly offered to turn straight around and have tea after the game. Pedro made the correct decision as the Doms boys needed a break and given the Unity boys lack of urgency in getting the game started tea was well and truly was a great tea to end the season on with Stevie H providing hot pizzas, yes hot ones. Those on pizza duty in the future please note. Top drawer stuff from Stevie H.

So with facing such a mammoth task would we see a Doms fight back or capitulation. Well the Doms 11 came out of the second half of this match with heads held high. Davidge and Chickin got the innings off to a flier and putting the visitors under pressure from the start with some good shots and good running. The score raced onto 28 in the 5th over when sadly Chickin called Davidge for a 'never a run there call' and Davidge was well short of safety. 1-36 off 5.

Dave Collins joined in the fun and the score really raced along with Chickin getting a well deserved 50. The score got to 96 when DC walked after a feather to the keeper. The score at the 13th over point was Doms 2-95 with the visitors 1-95. Neck and neck.

Ted White joined Chickin and pushed the score along but the visitors sensing trouble started to argue amongst themselves and pushed the fielders out onto the boundary to stop the run flow. White was next to go, c&b for a run a ball 22. Doms 3-133 off 20, at the same point Unity were 2-161.

Chickin seemed to loose the pace that he was scoring at and was run out for a very useful 68. Bearing in mind Chickin has not played all season and no nets he's scored 87 in two innings. How we've missed his runs.

The darkness was descending on the ground and the runs continued to flow as Anstey and Alex Rich consistently found the boundary. The Doms passed 200 with ease and although 135 were needed off 8 overs there was the potential for the Doms to get close, with the boundaries still flowing the visitors called it a day for 'safety' reasons. The Doms batsmen reluctantly came off with Alex unbeaten on 37 and Justin 17.

Hand shakes all round and off to the club house for a deserved pint or two.

Player of the match: The whole 11 and the scorer. This was a team result, the team never gave up in the field, no moaning, no shouts of exasperation just 40 overs of encouragement. Then the team batted out of their skins when chasing such a massive ask. Great Old Doms fighting spirit.

Dropped Catches: White -2  Rich A-1 Last-1 and DC-1. Running Total -54



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