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Roving Reporters Match Day Reports - 2013


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vs   Sportsman CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Sportsman CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 14th April 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Perry T   20 Caught 1 2 3   9 1          
  2 Hickin J   19 Caught 3                    
3 Hickin T   2 Caught                
  4 Brookes M   9 Bowled                      
  5 Sukumaran M   7 Bowled   1                  
  6 Srini   15 Caught 1 1 8 2 14 4          
7 Piper T   0 Bowled                  
  8 Wright D W 13 Not Out 2                    
  9 Hunt M C 1 Bowled     8   24            
10 Last A   3 Caught     7   50    
11 Hunt C   1 Bowled   8 3 27 1 1
      Extras 37 (13B 1LB,19W,4NB)                    
          127-10   in  29 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 35 46 52 64 91 91 107 109 118 127  
            Batsman 1 3 2 5 6 7 4 9 10 11  
Sportsman CC   131-7 in 31 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 3 wks      


Well a typical first match day it would seem now. Mid April, cold, dull, windy and rain just waiting for an excuse to tip it down. We were playing long time rivals' Sportsman.. not many of the old faces around.. a young looking team  much more younger looking than the current Doms squad.

The match was lost by the Doms, a good game, it was close with some moments of excellent play and and some moments of tripe. The match prep had been hampered with snow laying in the nets for a few weeks and to safeguard the square it was decided to use the all weather strip.

The Roving Reporter can report that a lot of pies have been eaten over the winter, expanding waste bands, gut hanging over ill fitting whites. Not the prettiest of sites. The changing room protocol seems to have  gone out of the window. Heaven knows what Jonners will say on his return.

SpeckSavers and twigs also featured in the match.

Pedro lost the toss and the Doms were inserted in bleak conditions, wind howling, dark clouds rushing over head and Chickins arse forming a wind tunnel. Perry and Chicken got the Doms off to a good start both seeing the ball well and the score rushed along until in the 6th over Perry was well caught at deep long leg, a surprising catch as the fielder was asleep and only just woke up to take a good chance. Perry out for 20. He looked in great form. 1-35.

Guardsman Hickin arrived on time with all tickets punched and a natty new hair style.. he didn't stay long out for 2, a big leading edge. Brookes stayed around whilst Chickin gave his wicket away softly for a useful 19. Doms 3-52 soon became 4-61 as Manoj was bowled.

Other than Srini who was given out by two umpires who will need a visit to Specsavers who scored a rapid 15. A head high ball top edged.. all waiting for the no ball call from either umpire.. no call was made. Umpires decision is always the final one and Srini like most of the other 19 players were left wondering. Apparently the ball had bounced, according to the umpires.. no body other than the two umpires saw the ball bounce. Piper was bowled first ball, his first golden duck in a hundred years, apparently so ive heard a few times.

The tail didn't wag and the Doms  were skittled out for a merge 127 off 29 overs. Would the Doms be able to defend the score over 40 overs?

Tea. What the? So the traditional Old Doms fare seems to have taken a back seat. Home made food?? Bugger there was more shop food wrappings to keep the average sized school in writing paper for a term. Lets get it sorted... it wouldnt surprise me to see a Yule Log on the table soon.... and a bought one at that. Where's the pigeons wings and raspberry coulee. All very disappointing. 

Well, the Doms boys trooped out and Srini was soon in his stride and with Pedro bowling his best spell for a while had the Sportsmen rocking at 5-32 off 11 overs. A victory seemed assured. However Jamel Khan and Ash batted sensibly without taking risks. Hunt and Last bowled the next set of overs, Hunt bowling steady whilst Last was getting thrashed around the ground not helped by fckin Bambi on ice fielding. Last taken off after 6 overs conceding a whopping 38 runs. One moment of light relief in Last's turgid shocking spell which obviously lost the game for the Doms was an altercation with the umpire over a wide (in the umpires opinion). The ball missed the off stump by about 6 inches. The umpire said it never hit the matting. I hope he doesn't do the motorway white line markings.

Moving on, with the score on 101 and 16 overs left Colin Hunt pulled off what can only be described as the best ever catch seen by a Dom, according to some. Yes i'm sure we will all be taken through it a few times still by still. Ash, batting well bladdered the ball straight and somehow Hunt caught it in his wrong hand. A very good catch, although to some a regulation...

With 12 needed off 9 overs Last got thrashed again for 2 sixes over the short legside boundary, awful bowling. To cap Last's awful performance he even let a ball bobble over a twig through his legs for a four.

On the plus side Pedro, Hunt, Perry and Srini all looked in good form with the ball. We now move on to the next match against Old Mose... another tough one.

Man of the Match: Srini for an excellent bowling spell.

Dropped Catches: The Guardsman - 1   Running total: 1


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