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vs   Sporting Alfas Mid Week XI CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Sporting Alfas Midweek XI CC        
            Played at Woodbridge Oval Albir Spain on 15th Aug 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Perry T   26 Bowled   5 6   16            
  2 Last A   12 LBW   1 4   23 1          
3 Brown M W 20 LBW   3           1 1
  4 Hickin T   57 Caught   8 2   2 2          
  5 Roper J   5 Caught                      
  6 Hunt C   0 Bowled     5   28   1        
7 Ladah K   0 Bowled     6 5 1 1 1    
  8 Keegan D   31 Hit Stumps   4 1   7 1          
  9 Hunt M C 31 Not Out   3 5 1 26 1 1        
10 Anstey J   8 Bowled   1 5   20 1  
11 Roper K   0 Not Out   6 2 14 2  
      Extras 23 (3B 0LB,17W,3NB)                    
          213-9   in  40 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 33 43 70 82 82 89 164 193 205    
            Batsman 2 1 3 5 6 7 4 8 10    
Sporting Alfas Midweek XI CC   134-9 in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 79 runs      

Well this is the big the end of this match the Doms Tour could be a 3-1 series loss or a commendable 2-2 draw and as we are the away team and away points double we.... bugger im getting carried away here. So the Doms after three hard fought matches needed this one big time. The player’s suffering from over use and sun arrived at the ground packed to the gunnels with spectators. A threadbare squad, some carrying injuries but most carrying hangovers slumped into the changing room. A rousing team speech was needed but Pedro had long lost his 'rousing' by now.

A 40 over match, against Aflas Mid Week XI.  Pedro won the toss and decided that he and the rest needed more recovery time and sent Perry and Last out in the midday sun to bat. Perry bladdering 10 off the first over whilst Last was watchful of Marriner's flight and spin. The score raced onto 33 when Perry who had score 26 missed the flight of a slow full toss and was bowled. Awful defensive shot of Stato proportions. 1-33 off 7.

Last and Brown together. Now allowing the opposition to have a child umpire for you is not recommended, with Last on 12 batting on off stump missed a wide ball that would have hit Madrid according to Hawkeye and was given LBW- a shocker. 2-43 in 9 overs. So could Brown and Dolly repair situation? Well they did move the score onto 70 in the 15th over before the child umpire struck again. This time Barlow Brown got the cocked finger. LBW, there was more wood on the ball before it hit Barlows pads than if the ball had been hidden under a pile of wood in Mr Woodies wood store. Another shocker.

With the situation becoming worrying Last and Perry strode out to take over the umpiring. The relief for the Doms batsmen was palpable! Roper out for 5, Colin Hunt and Karim to two ball ducks each and the Doms were up to their elbows in deep do do at 6-89 off 20 overs. With the hosts sensing a quick victory they introduced some of their youth bowlers. Dollies eyes lit up and he smashed a 64 ball 57 supported by Keegan who supported with a well-struck 31. Dolly and Keegan got out which left Pedro and Jonners to crack on and get the Doms past 200. Pedro ended 31 not out and Jonnner thumping two big fours.

Doms innings ended on 213-9. A defendable score maybe.

So with 280 tour overs done the last 40 were upon the Doms. It's been a hard slog and some of the Doms were feeling the strain on tired bodies and minds. But in true Doms fashion players fought through the pain. Pedro and Last would open, Pedro with a badly bruised chest and Last with knackered knees and blistered foot. The host opening pair raced away hitting any off line balls to the boundary. 40 came off the first 8 overs but Last picking up a good LBW and Pedro tempting the dangerous Marriner out just enough for Brown to whip the bails off. Alfas 2-43 off 8.

Last and Pedro roasted err no rested and Colin Hunt and Tank replaced. Cooper and the dangerous Shazhaq were now at the crease and continued to press on in the chase to 214. Hunt getting no luck off after 5 overs and Perry steamed up hill with 6 glorious overs but failing to take a wicket at 0-16. But a match-changing event took place with Shazhaq falling like a stone with a 'pulled' something and limped off not to be seen again. This brought on Dolly who was quickly in the wickets getting Waqar caught by Kman and soon after the dangerous Cooper LBW for 45. Alfas 4-103 off 24. 110 needed off 16. The Doms were now into the Alfas soft belly and it was time to turn the screw and push the run rate up. Jonners bowling a tight bouncy line kept it tight.

Dolly off after two great overs 2-2. This left young 12 year old Roper to send down six great overs and picked up two wickets before Pedro rested him with figs of 6-2-14-2. The hosts were well behind the rate and a Doms win looked a certainty. Kman off his 20 yard run bowling at full pace at the Alfaz boys who played very correctly but unable to get the ball off the square. Kmans never to be repeated, outside of his back garden with a tennis ball spell finished with figs of 6-5-1-1 Keegan picked up the remaining wicket as the Alfas innings closed on 134-9 some 79 runs adrift. The final 16 overs going for only 31 runs and 5 wks.

A great win for the Doms and many thanks must go to the Alfas skipper for the way in which his team played the match in such good spirit. 

Man of Match: Tom Hickin, another great knock of 57 and two wickets for two runs.

Drops: C Hunt, M Hunt, Anstey and Keegan


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