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vs   Sporting Alfas 40 XI CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Sporting Alfas 40 XI CC        
            Played at Woodbridge Oval Albir Spain on 13th Aug 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Perry T   12 LBW   2 5 1 14            
  2 Last A W 2 Caught     7   32     1      
3 Brown M W 14 Caught   2 2   17      
  4 Keegan D   0 Bowled                      
  5 Hickin T   38 Caught   3 4 1 11 1          
  6 Ladha K   5 Bowled                      
7 Hunt C   9 Caught   1 5   21        
  8 Hunt M C 4 Not Out   1 5 1 19            
  9 Anstey J   0 LBW     3   21            
10 Bellis J   0 Caught     4   28    
      Extras 22 (0B 4LB 16W,2NB)                    
          106ao   in  34.4 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 3 31 31 33 46 94 98 104 104    
            Batsman 2 3 4 1 6 7 5 9 10    
Sporting Alfas 40 XI CC   203-1 in 35 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 93 runs (Village Rules)      

Well here we go, juices were flowing after the close win in the last match. Much expected. Doms still relying on waifs and strays to fill the absent Doms team sheet. As it was the Doms would field one short in the blistering heat. Pedro wins the toss and decides to bowl first in the is 'village' rules match... sort of the oppo sets a total in an agreed time span and the Doms chase or not the total set in an agreed period of time.

It was hot, very hot as the ten Doms took the field. Last to open down hill with Pedro up. Last and Pedro had a steady start, the batsmen looking to flick and prod. After the opening ten overs with Last and Pedro wilting the score had crept onto 38 for no wicket. Colin Hunt and Perry continued to keep a check on the run rate. The batsmen not to eager to push the rate up. Another ten overs with 40 runs being accumulated.

At the 20 over mark the hosts were on 0-78 although a very good shout for LBW was surprisingly turned down much to Perry’s shagra. The old drop of the match was also off Perry's bowling when Barlow Brown failed to hold onto a sharp chance. Anstey came on for three overs, no bounce of movement as the batsmen were content to flick the ball leg side. Barlow Brown was tried, to mediocre overs of all over the place bowling produced 17 runs before he was banished into the outfield. Bellis and Dolly came in and Dolly produced the first wicket of the host’s innings, well it was the only luck the Doms would have today. Dolly post nets coaching paid off as he bowled a very good spell and got his reward when Last caught a stunner of a catch as keeper. Lightening reactions.

The home side batting period ended on 1-203 off 37 overs.

So the Doms had a tough ask, weakfish batting line up, one short. See how it goes then if the wheels fall off close the door as se out a draw.

Last promoted to open after Dolly's failure in the first two matches didn't fair much better as his guided a Third man shot which was acrobatically snapped up by third slip. Doms 1-3 off two. Last walks for 2 runs. Brown joins Perry and runs were eked out as the bowlers took control. With the score on 31 Brown was undone by a lifter and was caught at point for 14. Doms troubled worsened when Keegan was out for naught in the same over. 3-31 soon became 4- 33 as Perry was undone by one that kept low.

The Doms were now in 'shut the door' mode as Dolly controlled the rearguard action as players came into support him. Sadly with the score on 98 Dolly innings came to an end with the overs and time running out. Dolly's 38 were by far the best Doms score of the day. This left Pedro to try and see the Doms home for a draw. Ansty's 14 ball 0 and with about seven balls remaining Bellis was undone and chipped the ball back to the bowler.

Sadly that extra man would have got the Doms a draw.

The Doms ended 106 all out.

Man of Match: Dolly a great knock of 38 a wicket and lots of dashing about in the field.

Drops: Brown


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