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vs   Sporting Alfas XL

      Old Doms CC vs  Sporting Alfas XL CC        
            Played at Woodbridge Oval Albir Spain on 8th August 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Perry T   44 Caught 1 4 4 1 15 1          
  2 Hickin T   4 Caught     3   19 1 1        
3 Brown M W 51 Ret 1 8 3   22   1  
  4 Hunt C   1 Caught     4 1 13   1        
  5 Rich A   1 Caught     6   24   1        
  6 Rich S   1 Caught     4   20 1          
7 Preece K   3 Bowled     1   1        
  8 Hunt M C 0 Caught     5 1 13 1          
  9 Last A W 23 Bowled   4 4   9       1    
10 Anstey J   0 Bowled     4   11 2  
11 Preece E   0 Not Out   1   6    
      Extras 26 (6B 1LB,14W,5NB)                    
          156-9   in  38.1 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 34 55 76 76 98 117 155 156 156    
            Batsman 2 1 4 5 6 8 7 9 10    
 Sporting Alfas XL CC   182-7 in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 26 runs      

Well here we go, another Doms tour to downtown Albir. The touring squad was a thin on the ground, well saying thin wouldn't describe it really. Just a few over weight players with a couple of young lads who should know better than to mix with the likes of Jonners and Tank.

Sadly, the boys back home were not here, missing a treat, non-stop drinking, sun, sea and a night out with Gary Barlow.

Only nine players available for selection for the match and the Doms needed to enlist Ewan and Kenny Preest who just happened to be staying overnight in Benidorm and had their cricket shirts in their bags... btw they were aged 9 and 8. Pedro won the toss and decided that the team should bowl first in the heat of the day, although it turned out ok as a gentle breeze flowed through the playing area....

This could be a first, the Riches would open at both ends, not at the same time and at the same end but Alex up hill whilst Stew ripped the ball down hill. And more history made when Stew got the batsman to bladder one down the throat of Alex standing at backward square.... Caught Rich Bowled Rich..... History made.

Sadly just a few balls later we could have seen another Rich on Rich wicket, this time Alex spilled the ball.

The scorebook has not been completed well by the home side, it's hard to give a totally accurate description of the events of the home side and the bowling of the Doms.

Nevertheless the Rich's bowed a good opening spell with Stew 1-20 off four and Alex 0-24 of six. Last, seeing the chance to get good BIP's bowled tightly down hill, both batsmen found it hard to get the ball off the squar and Last was rested after 4 overs 0-9. Colin Hunt bowled his set of four tightly 0-13.

New boy Max 'Barlow' Brown started behind the stumps and was replaced by Last after 18 overs. The Tourists continued to bowl a tight line and the home side edging the score over a 100. Jonners onto bowl after flying from Melbourne to play in the tour. At least he can manage his diary long term which can't be said of many of the other Doms.

Anyway, the loop and lack of pace caused the batsmen problems with Jonners taking his first wicket when Wallinton was well caught by Dolly and he next ball Last as quick as lightening stumped the next batsman. A good run out by a Dolly/Last combo and then an even better effort from Dolly as another batsmen was found wanting as Dolly knocked the stumps over from 30 yards with just one stump to target.

Barlow juggled and caught a skier off Dollies bowling with the final wicket taken by Pedro, a number 9 batsman - 9BIP's.  It was good to see the Preece boys bowl their debut overs Kenny 0-4 and Ewan 0-4, well done lads.

 The home side had set a competitive but very gettable 182. A light tea was taken. 

The Doms sent out Perry and Dolly to get the Doms run chase off to a good start. Perry, who had been sidelined for six weeks with a 'thigh' came ot fighting and smashed the first over for 12. The score continued to climb with Perry the aggressor and Dolly accumulating dot balls. Seven overs gone 0-33. Sadly in the next over Dolly's patience erupted into a wild slog and he was caught for 4 runs, an excruciatingly slow innings. Doms 1-38 off 8.

In comes loan player Max 'Barlow' Brown for his first Doms innings, speed skating helmet an all. This looked a good Doms signing as he hit two scorching 4's off his first 5 balls faced. But then in the 10th over Perry was caught off Bellis for a 'top gun' 44. The Doms still in control but stuttering on 2-59 off 10. Although Brown was making the bowling look very ordinary and racing along the players at the other end looked like the needed more net time. Colin Hunt 1, Alex Rich 0 and Stew Rich 1 saw the Doms slump to 5-99 in 24th over. K Preece on his debut held one end together whilst Brown hit runs but when on 51 off 49 balls he as forced to retire. The Doms still in sight of a victory with Skipper Hunt at the crease. But an awful second ball shot saw him out for a duck. Doms teetering on 6-117 off 27.

Last and K Preece together, the old and the new. Last the aggressor whilst Preece took a leaf out of Dollies ' lets set the Doms record for dot balls'. The partnership ended when Preece was bowled for 3 runs, his first for the Doms at the age of seven. The partnership put on 38 and the score was 7-155.

Doms Australian based player Anstey joined Last for a final accent to get to 183. Sadly no one had moved the overs on from 31 to 38, so an easy jaunt over the line was now to be a two over slog. Anstey, still suffer the effects of jet lag perished bowled first ball. 8-156. 26 needed off 11 balls with only Last and debutant Ewan Preece, aged about 7 to see the Doms home. However, Last tries a straight drive down the wrong line and was bowled for 23.

The Doms had lost by 24 runs. Lost a game that for most of the game we were in a winning position. Looking at the score card only three players managed double figures. Well infact 8 batsmen accumulated only 9 runs between them. 4 runs each and the Doms would have won this.

A disappointing game for the Doms as this was one of the four tour games that the Doms management team had penciled in for a win. The team now moves on to Sundays match against a strong Alfas first team.

Man of Match: Brown, a great knock of 51 not out.

Drops: Dolly, Rich A


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