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vs   Selly Oak CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Selly Oak CC        
            Played at Ash Lane on 19th June 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Martin S   1 Bowled     1   14 1          
  2 Morris S   13 Bowled             1        
3 Hodgson J   21 Caught   4 4 1 9 1    
  4 Hickin J C/W 30 Caught   3           1 2    
  5 Hickin T   4 Caught   1                  
  6 Brookes M   39 Not Out 1 6                  
7 Ladha K   5 Bowled     1   13        
  8 Adie K   5 Not Out     4   21 2          
  9 Hunt C           4   31 1          
10 Last A           4   9    
11 Greenway J         2   20 1  
      Extras 23 (B 2LB,14W,7NB)                    
                143 in  20 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 2 35 55 82 90 118          
            Batsman 1 3 2 5 4 7          
Selly Oak CC   124-6 in 20 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 19 runs      

Well it was a win and the Doms continue their 100% win record in 20/20. It was not the purest of matches, in fact a stronger opposition would have rolled over the Doms. Chickin called wrong and the Doms were asked to bat first on a very flat Ash Lane track. The sky was blue and it was warm enough to think it was summer time. Two ladies playing for the Doms, this has not happened for a while although there is always doubt about Pickles sexuality. Perry still sidelined with a 'thigh' and Pedro marking books.

Steve Martin, the Doms main pinch hitter came unstuck when the second ball he faced took out middle and leg. Doms 1-2. Morris was joined by Hodgson who hasn't hit a six for weeks now. The partnership of 34 between the pair looked 'wooden'. Morris not know where or what the next shot should look liked scratched around whilst Hodgy swished and missed against some 'back garden' bowling. Hodgy was put out of his misery when he slapped a ball straight down long offs throat. Those shots in the past would have sailed for a six. Doms 2-42 off 8.

For some unexplainable reason Stato has been bowled by some average bowlers this season, tonight was to be no different. Sloppy shot selection, well no shot selection. Awful is an apt description. Doms struggling at 3-66 off 11

Ah, the Hickin boys in together. More scratching around, little footwork. 6 balls of thrashing the ball around and Dolly's innings was over, caught behind. Doms 4-86 off 14. The Doms were stuttering towards a 120 score. But the Doms are saved from complete humiliation as Brookes comes in and does what the other 'batsmen' had failed to do and carted the shite bowling around the park. Chickin, unwell was next out with the score on 125. 30 runs against his name a useful knock from the Skipper holding the innings together.

So two overs left and it was Adie and Brookes who put on a late spurt and the Doms innings was complete at 6-143.

I've seen a worse batting display from the Doms before but this was up there. Wooden.

So how would the bowlers do? Well much like the curates egg... good in parts.  Adie and Last took the first 8 overs unchanged and finished their allocation with only 29 runs scored off them pushing the home teams run chase up to 9.5 runs needed per over. Building platforms for the team comes to mind. Adie 2 wickets, Chicken smartly stumping the oppos danger batsman. Selly Oak 2-29 off 8 overs.

Hodgy and Colin Hunt now with the luxury of being able to defend 9 runs per over came on to bowl. Hodgy looking dangerous without the luck needed to pick up the better batsmen and Hunt bowling a first ball wide, but he did get a wicket in his first over. How it happened was much down to Stato's alertness. Hunt bowls, batsman hoikes. Hey its going to be the bowlers best wicket, the 'golden' wicket,  a caught and bowled. But wait Hunt under the ball looks around with no attempt to get his hands into position, seeing what was about to happen Stato at mid off has time to take his cap off and sprint (yes sprint) and stands next to Hunt and catches the simplest of catches. Much back slapping and well bowled. Colin's rationale I'm led to believe was that the sun was in his eyes and the ball was over his head. Given the sun sets in the west and the ball was coming from out of the south sky... an amusing moment.

Well the match was petering out. Hodgy off after a good economical 1-9. Yes he managed to get a number 5 batsman out. But, he was panting and sweating like a boar on heat after two overs. I must have a chat to the Chief Constable about officer fitness.

Hunt off after two and Greenway picks up a wicket, a sharp stumping by no other than Chickin...much hugging and kissing. Not sure if tongues were involved but a good moment in the Doms history. The final over bowled by Martin, could he defend the 41 runs needed by the home team. Well he did his best with a stream of wides and no balls but capped an 'interesting over' by taking a wicket. The Doms were home and dry with a 19 run win. Tighter than it should have been but Chickin put aside his ruthless side to avoid the home team being embarrassed.

it was just left to visit the bar and rehydrate.

Man of the Match: Martin Brooke for a top score of 39 and some wicked fielding

Dropped Catches: Hunt-1 Dolly-1  Running total: 37


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