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vs Old Westheathians CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Old Westheathians CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 26th May 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Hickman J W 2 run out               2 1    
  2 Hickman T   3 Caught     8   37            
3 Brookes M   1 Bowled     8   32 4 1  
  4 Rowan A   36 Bowled   6                  
  5 Boynton P   8 Caught   2                  
  6 Wood K   1 Bowled     1   4 1          
7 Morris S   24 Bowled   2 4   31 1      
  8 Perry T C 12 Caught   1 8 3 18 1          
  9 Last A   28 Bowled   6 8 1 20 2 1        
10 Doherty W   0 Not Out              
      Extras 34 (0B 2LB,29W,3NB)                    
          149-9   in  36 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 9 10 10 35 37 98 112 129 149    
            Batsman 2 1 3 5 6 4 7 8 9    
 Old Westheathians CC   180-9 in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 31 runs      

Battle of the Alamo, Rorkes Drift and the Battle of Saltley Coke Works.....

Yes the Old Doms were up against it, 32 players unavailable. Sad state of affairs why people cant plan their lives around the Old Doms fixture schedule continues to amaze me. But I suspect we will have an extra 32 players available and wanting to play when its convenient. Enough of that but you can see what a predicament the Doms were in, 4 games won on the bounce and to make it 5 was going to demand an epic performance.

Rowan, Morris dragged kicking and screaming from the comfort of  life after the Doms. Wood conscripted and Banners managed to find one of his under 14s, Will Doherty who didn't produce an excuse quick enough and found himself bowling for the Doms. The Doms could only field 10 players. Perry tosses the coin right and chose to bowl first.

Nice sunny day, best weather conditions so far for cricket and most of the buggers weren't here to enjoy it. Perry only having himself and Last as regular bowlers  was going to struggle to find who the hell was going to bowl the other 24 overs. Perry and Last did the business and made the Westies batsmen struggle. in the sixth over with the score on 18 Last took Stocks middle stump out 1-18.

The runs were kept to a minimum with some rustic fielding, even Stato managed to avoid a 'nutmeg' but there was lots of creaking whenever he tried to get down to a ball. In the 11th over the miserly bowling of Perry produced the next wicket when Winstanley P was bowled. 2-28 off 11 which soon became 3-32 as Last picked up his second wicket a scorcher of a catch by Brookes... his hoodoo of spills now far behind him. Last was rested to come back later whilst Perry finished his 8 over spell 1-18. A SpecSavers moment robbing him of the prize wicket of Heath whilst on naught who later went on to produce a match winning innings of 87. How decisions can turn a match.

Brooks bowling down the hill produced some speed and accuracy whilst at the other end very part time bowler Dolly was bowling well, containing the flow of runs. In Brooks first over he picked up two wickets and the Westies were in a mess against the weakened Doms. 5-48 off 17 overs.

At drinks the Westies were 5-62 and Perry and his bunch of cricket impersonators were very much in the game. Things got even better as Brooks picks up two more wickets and by the 23 over Westies were 7-69. But with Owen with him Heath and the Doms very occasional bowlers now on they turned the game on its head and put on a 100 run partnership in quick time. How Perry and the Doms rued that SpecSaver moment when heath was on 0.

Heath was eventually out caught in the deep for 87 and the rest cobbled together a few more cheap runs and the Westies ended on 180-9.

Tea was taken. Perry sorely disappointed at how one decision can impact so much on the game.

But given the Doms line up Perry would have taken the challenge of chasing 181 to win before the match had started.

As with the bowling, Perry had only four players who have regularly batted this season. Sadly three of those were out by the time the score was on 11 off 7 overs. It was now left to Perry to try and salvage some Doms pride. Boynton and Wood mustered 9 between them as the old timer Rowan looked on in bemusement as the Doms slumped to 5-37 off 15.

Rowan was joined by Stato and together they steadied the ship and chipped away at the target. Stato unsure of which shot to make kept nudging away as Rowan oozed class. Sadly with his score on 36 Rowan was bowled. 28 overs gone and the Doms 6-98. Only Perry left.

Stato succumbed after scoring 24, he got out to another awful shot. Doms 7-112. Perry joined by tail ender Last look as if he thought it was still game on as the Dom needed another 68 off 7 overs. But a few runs later a ball got big on him and he offered a simple catch to the bowler. 8-129. With only little Will Doherty left the Doms chase petered out on 149 when Last was bowled.

The Doms put up a great fight but with a couple of bowlers short and three regular batsmen out for 6 runs it was always going to be a tough ask. But the those Doms who played can hold their heads up. This was a great performance.

Man of the Match: Brooks for 4-32 and a stunning catch

Dropped Catches: 0,  Running total: 21


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