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vs   Old Westheathians CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Old Westheathians CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 1st August 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Collins D W 53 Not Out 1 7                  
  2 Hunt C   0 Caught                      
3 Pedley R   123 Not Out 6 14         1  
  4 Brookes M           2   22   1        
  5 Russell M                            
  6 Johnson G           4 1 15 1          
7 Hazeldon S           4   27 1      
  8 Last A C         4   43            
  9 Johnson B           4   37 2          
10 Johnson S           2   33    
11 Ladha K                  
      Extras 17 (3B 1LB,10W,3NB)                    
          193-1   in  17.3 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 8                    
            Batsman 2                    
                    Old Westheathians CC   192-5 in 20 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 9wks      

A night not to be a bowler. 385 runs scored, only 6 wks falling all in 37.3 overs. Last captain for the match won the toss and put our old chums the Westies into bat on a flat dry wicket. Last knowing how hard it is to field second was pleased with the way the toss went. Odd start to the game as the first 6 overs were played on grass before Scorer Rich streaked across the wicket saying we should be on the artificial track. Couldn't understand why but it brought the very short boundary in to play.

Last and Greg Johnson opened and Johnson picked up the first wicket with his second ball. The first four overs went for a relatively low number of runs, 1-17 off 4. Then the track move and the run rate soared. Last tried the usual Thursday night bowlers but all got the same treatment. After 10 overs the Westies were on 2-68. Hazeldon 1-27 off his spell. The Ben Johnson came on and although Ben got 2 wickets he went for 37 as the Westies on a true track just lofted everything towards the legside boundary. Brookes two overs went for 22 and Sam Johnson for 33 off 2. Last and Greg Johnson bowled at the death with Greg completing a remarkable 1-15 off four overs. Given the Westies plundering this was a fantastic set of four overs. Last on the other hand bowling up hill suffered and ended up 0-43 off 4 overs.

The Westies were bubbling, cocker hoop with delight as they amassed a huge 192-5. They were home and dry. Or so they thought.

Last pondered his line up. Hunt to be given his wish of batting up the order, right up the order at number 2 with DC at one. Hunt was first to go, a seven ball duck. The Westies even more ecstatic. In ambles Pedders, in that Pedders sort of amble. Winstanley P to Pedders, first ball 6. The Westies all very bubbly still, the light fading.

The fourth over brought up the 50 as DC and Pedders stroked the ball around. Still the Westies had a skip in their step and chirping away. But concern was clearly apparent when the 100 came up in the 9th over. Pedders taking the lead and DC supporting well. Pedders 50 came up in 25 balls. Some clean hitting and running saw the Westies heads dropping and muttering about playing Bromsgrove.

All the bowlers got the same treatment and the 15th over saw the Doms score on 1-172. The Westies were by this time a beaten team. Pedders had raced past 100 in about 50 balls. The Westies had gone from a buoyant jubilant team assured of victory to a team beaten looking for excuses why they couldn't defend 192 all in the space of 15 overs.

The inevitably came in the 17th over when a single was needed and the Doms had won by 9wks with 15 balls to spare. DC had cruised to a chanceless not out 53 in 39 balls and Pedders 123 not out in 57 ball giving only one chance when on 115.

Handshakes, but sadly the Westies left the scene without an after match drink as is the custom. Still very sore about the defeat and the 'Bromsgrove' players. Shame really as both Pedders and DC have been regularly playing Thursday matches for the Doms for a number of years. They however weren't unhappy about slogging two 12yo lads and a 62yo around the park. But lets hope they reflect  on how they dealt with the defeat. It is always great to play the Westies as they are a genuinely nice bunch of lads but they didn't handle defeat well tonight.

Man of the Match: Well only one contender Pedders for a quick fire 57 ball 123no

Dropped Catches: 2 -  Ladha 1, Sam Johnson 1 Running total: 49


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