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vs Old Georgians CC

      Old Doms CC vs  Old Georgians CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on 2nd June 2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Perry T   0 Caught     8 1 50            
  2 Davidge M   6 Bowled                      
3 Hickin J W 6 Run Out   1            
  4 Srini   96 Caught 5 10 6 1 19            
  5 Anstey J Jnr   15 Bowled   3         2        
  6 Smaylen M   7 Caught   1                  
7 Morris S   14 Bowled   1              
  8 Hunt M C 0 Bowled     6   20 1 2        
  9 Last A   20 LBW 1 2 8   45 2          
10 Hunt C   12 Not Out     4   29 3  
11 Johnson B   6 Not Out 1 5   25    
      Extras 18 (5B 1LB,10W,2NB)                    
          200-9   in  40 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 0 11 29 69 120 144 145 157 190    
            Batsman 1 3 2 5 6 4 8 7 9    
 Old Georgians CC   201-6 in 36.5 overs
      Match: Old Doms lost by 4 wks      

I am instructed, nay ordered not to make any comments that may upset our old chums from Old Georgians. So I will refrain to include in the official report that both sides squabbled endlessly about wide balls, both sides were equally guilty of not trusting the umpires views on when a ball is a wide ball. I also wont mention in the report the details of Rule 32 (run out).

All can now rest easy in their beds and put their libel lawyers on hold.

What a great day for playing cricket, sun and warmth and a nice batting pitch. The Doms still missing players lost the toss and Dunn the OG's skipper put the Doms into bat. What an innings of poor batting other than a masterly innings from Srini the Doms served up. The Doms were 3-29 in the 9th over. Perry out first ball, smacked one into the chest of an unsuspecting fielder who held on. Chickin, the next to go, muddled running and Chick trying to go for a third which was never on. Mr Angry for a while but after a walk around got his head back on. Then an almost never to be seen moment when Davidge was bowled around his legs for 6.

Justin joined Srini and for a brief moment the score rattled along with the pair hitting the ball hard before Big Hands was bowled. 4-69 in 13. In 22nd over Smaylen offered an easy C&B to Gale. 5-120. Things got worse. Srini just being short of a 71 ball century holed out on 96. Great knock by Srini, big sixes with a crap bat. 6-144. Stato, his usual awful swipe at the ball. The tail wagged a bit with Colin Hunt getting a fine 12 not out and Ben Johnson looking like he can bat as well as bowl for  6 not out.

The OG's bowled well but nothing outstanding but just kept the ball in the right places enough for the Doms batsmen to get themselves out. So the Doms had set a mediocre 201 for the OG to chase. Easy enough target on this track.

Tea was taken. Not a bad spread.

So the OG's needing 5 an over on a cracking batting track set off cautiously. Carpenter and Puplet not really needing to do much with the bat as the ball sped to often to the boundary for wides or byes. With the score on 27 Carpenter was caught for 9. Srini bowled 6 before being rested and an back injured Pedro kept the runs off the bat down but the extras were mounting.

Last and Perry continued to keep the pressure on before the drinks break and at 20 overs the OGs were well down on the rate at 1-79. Last got his reward eventually when Pedro made up for a dropped catch and then his next ball bowled R Gallagher. Sadly no one was interested in the hat tick ball. OG's struggling 3-109 off 26.

Puplet had his Rule 32 moment and then decided to hit out with some affect. Hitting some big shots when earlier in his innings he couldn't get the ball off the square. The Doms continued to drop catches - 5 in total and leak extras. Looks like the Doms will need to put a very very fine leg into place if the bowlers cant get their lines sorted.

Colin Hunt, a tad expensive picked up three wickets including two stunning Anstey catches. But the OGs eventually surpassed the Doms total in the 37th over. The OGs only needed to score 157 off the bat as the Doms leaked 44 extras. Shocking performance by the Doms who made the OGs job of chasing 200 so easy.

Hand shakes all round and this was a game the Doms never deserved to win. Lets hope next time the squabbling is put to one side and the liable writs are burnt just like the ashes. Its a game.

Fck,  just realised I've included bad feeling and Rule 32 in the report. Oh well I'm sure Pedro and John Dunn will kiss and make up.

Man of the Match: Srini for a blistering 96 runs

Dropped Catches: 5, Hickin-1 Hunt C -2 Hunt M-1  Running total: 27


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