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vs   Coftonians CC

      Old Doms CC vs Coftonians CC        
            Played at Bromsgrove on  12th May2013          
    Name   Score How Out 6s 4s Ov Mdn Runs Wks Ct Wk St    
  1 Perry T   19 Bowled   4 2 1 5 1          
  2 Davidge M   18 Run Out   1                  
3 Hodgson J   153 Run Out 11 11 6 1 22 1 1  
  4 Hayward M W 0 Run Out                 1    
  5 Banaham M   96 Not Out   14                  
  6 Hickin J   0 Not Out                      
7 Pedley R           8 2 30 1 1    
  8 Adie K           8 1 22 3          
  9 Hunt M C         6   38 1 1        
10 Last A           6   30 1  
11 Hunt C         4   32    
      Extras 23 (3B 2LB,14W,3NB)                    
          309-4   in  40 overs                      
    Fall of Wks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10  
            Score 22 111 111 309              
            Batsman 1 2 4 3              
Coftonians CC   202-9 in 40 overs
      Match: Old Doms won by 107 runs      


So much to write about, runs, wickets superb slip catches that weren't, records broken and Angel Delight. Yes folks forget the runs and record the Doms had Angel Delight, an inspired choice from Banham. More of that later.. to the match.

Well the weather was rubbish, the forecasted drizzle came on cue at about 30 mins before the start of play, it ended as forecast around 4:30. Today's visitors were the Coftonians lads. Old adversaries since time began. The Doms have been given a few hidings in the past but the last couple of seasons has seen the Doms victors. Pedro had a good eleven, strong batting and bowling and a class keeper. Pedro lost the toss and the Coffs decided to put the Doms in. Brave decision with the constant drizzle. So as Perry and Davidge strode out to the wicket the other Doms huddled in the pavilion keeping warm around Pedders hunky sun kissed body.

The fielding side, within a few overs looked a wretched damp bunch in various additional pieces of clothing which they hoped would keep the summer chill and dampness out. Perry soon into his stride clumping boundaries, always off the back foot. The 15th delivery he faced was one of those times he should have pushed forward, alas bowled through the gate for 19 a good start for the Doms with Perry's quick fire dash for early runs. Doms 1-22 in the 5th over.

In strides Hodgy, and it was 208 balls later that he strode back to the comfort of the changing room. Davidge and Hodgy kept the scoreboard ticking over and at a rate of 5 an over and at the halfway stage the Doms looked well placed to reach the 200 mark. In 22 over Davidge was cruelly run out by indecisive calling from Hodgy. Davidge run out for 18. Doms 111-2 off 22.

More disarray and the Hodgy factor done for Haywood with the score still on 111. Hayward not facing a ball and was run out after dancing with Hodgy in the middle of the track. Shameful decision making.

Cometh the hour cometh the man, well it was Banham with Pedders bat. Banham not wanting to get his own bat wet ! So Banham managed to avoid a run out hat rick and that was it as far as the Coftonians boys were concerned. So after the 23 over the Doms were struggling at 119-3. Little did anyone know that these two would take the bowling apart and score a record Doms partnership of 198 runs for any Doms wicket off around 17 overs .

The ball flew everywhere from the bats of Hodgy and Banham. Hodgy in his most destructive mode and Banners silky Gower'ish shots. Sixes and fours peppered the boundary. Maybe a couple of chances given but these two looked impossible to bowl to. Hodgy's 100 came and went as did Banners stylish 50. But these two were in such good nick against a pacey bowling attack that they were hungry for more runs.

Hodgy past his 150 and Banners edging nearer to his maiden 100, but with his score on 153 Hodgy became the Doms third run out going for that extra run to help Banners. Alas Banners ran out of balls and he was left not out on 96.

A cracking partnership which had pushed the score to the third highest ever score by the Doms (although the two highest were against a fledgling Dingle side) Both players deserved credit for the way they batted as they took every opportunity to run the death out of the visitors.

Hodgy's 153 was the 4th highest by a Doms player and Banners the 18th highest score by a Dom.

It was a credit to the Coff lads who kept there heads up and played as the game should be played.

Tea taken with the Doms 309 runs on the board.

Well tea.. we have had Yule logs in August and various themes of cheese sarnies, even bat wings and raspberry coulee but never have we had the delights of Angel Delight, strawberry Angel Delight. Inspirational stuff from non other that Come Dine With Me wannabe Matt Banham. Genius ... words fail to describe how the pallet was tickled and teased by Chef Banham. A great moment in the history of Doms teas.

Tea taken and the Angel Delight resting softly in the tummies of the Doms players the skies cleared and the Doms players took the field to defend the monstrous 309 runs.

Last and Pedro took the new ball, the Coffs looking to chase down 309 at a tad short of 8 overs every over...   Pedro bowled Clive for 7. Last took the second wicket with the score on 32, a good catch by Pedders clothed in about 6 layers of various clothing Coffs 32 -2 off 7 overs.

Adie came on and bowled a great spell finishing with 3-22 off her 8 overs, Pedders wheeled away for 8 overs with a stingy 1-30 with Perry and Hodgy picking up a wicket each. The Coffs ended a brave chase at 202-9.

Catches from Pedders, Pedro (a corker) and a simple one for Hodgy. Drops again for Pedro, Colin Hunt and Davidge.

So the Doms won in inspirational style by 107 runs before having a beer or two in the club house, a great performance on the pitch and in the kitchen by Banners.


Man of the Match: had to call this, but Hodgy's 153 just edged out Banhams Angel Delight

Dropped Catches: 4, Pedro-2 C Hunt 1 Davidge -1  Running total: 18


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